Sophie Simmons x The Style Club

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Growing up, I heard a lot of hair bands. (Thanks, ma.) Thus, of course I understand that Sophie Simmons is rock royalty, being the daughter of KISS bassist Gene Simmons. 

But you know what's even more dope than being the daughter of a legend? Promoting positive body image. 

In an effort to make any woman feel confident in the clothing she wears, Sophie designed a 20 piece collection exclusively with The Style Club. Each piece is named after an inspiring, influential woman, from Michelle Obama to Gwen Stefani and Malala Yousafzai.

“I’m extremely passionate about body image and want to be an advocate and role model to other young women to encourage them to embrace who they are and what makes them unique,” said Sophie. “My collection is designed to inspire women of different shapes and sizes to take risks when dressing but still feel confident.”

Bonus: the line is affordably priced, ranging from $25-$115.

Check out some of my favorite pieces below, and visit to see more and purchase.

The ‘Michelle’ Midi, $45 

The "Gwen" Sweater, $65

The "Folorunso" Shorts, $50

The "Jane" Cardigan, $65 and "Malala" Mini, $60

Emojis That Should Exist: An "It" Girl's Perspective

Saturday, June 7, 2014

As much as we may try to deny it, a few minutes without our iPhones, and panic seems to ensue.

Did I miss a text?
Has Chrissy Teigen uploaded a new Instagram pic?
I should've taken a picture of the adorable shih tzu that just passed by...

These gadgets have become the nucleus of all social media activity, our maps and very important resources - like, Siri hooks us up if we forgot what time Game of Thrones airs, and then ensures our DVR is set if we won't be home. Because of the constant phone activity, emojis have become a part of our lexicon.

These "picture letters," as the translation would read, provide a number of values: emoji charades, virtual song lyrics and an added spark of sass in general texts.

While I have some favorites (namely, the unimpressed emoji), there are several which seemingly have no purpose. Those in the last tab? Who ever uses them? 

I also have some thoughts about some key players missing.


It's mind-boggling there is a pizza, a shrimp, a drumstick and even flan, but no taco representation. What about Taco Tuesdays? Or Taco Bell runs? We can do better.

Shot Glasses

My best friend and I are two of the rare souls who dislike both wine and beer (unless it's a fruity, non-beer-tasting beer, but then we're side-eyed, anyway). While the martini emoji is cute and all, why are there no shot glasses? Shots are imperative in many scenarios, especially at the end of a long week.

"W" Hand Gesture

Y'all already know Clueless has impacted my life beyond belief. The beauty of the movie is that even though it is so very '90s, it still translates nearly 20 years later. A friend giving you too much about the date you went on last night? Insert the emoji of a pair of hands giving a big, fat "W." She'll get the picture.


If you're anything like me, Netflix is a big part of your routine...maybe as much so as showering or charging your phone at the end of the day. Netflixing has become the norm, and sometimes it is so much more appealing to pop open Netflix and give your couch a friendly hug than deal with bar crowds. Recognizing this, Netflix deserves a spot in the emoji line-up.

Kim Kardashian Crying

The pre-existing crying emojis don't really capture the pain a crying Kim would. Also, it's hilarious.


I've debated on whether or not this actually exists already, but I strongly feel the emoji in question is a regular ol' slice of cake. The rationale the greatest dessert on the planet isn't fairly represented? I'd like to know. 


Now, let me be clear: a Batman-inspired emoji would merely be a representation of superheroes in general. The power comic books have on pop culture is undeniable; thus, it's completely necessary to incorporate at least this small gesture as part of the emoji portfolio.


For the laziest of days. And because sloths are amazing.

Kanye Shrug

A legendary piece of pop culture. Also relevant for when you're #sorrynotsorry.


The salsa dancer and dancing twins (which I always thought were devils but recently realized are wearing headbands with bows) are lovely, we need to modernize the dance. How this would actually come to be, I will leave to the experts - but I'm quite sure this emoji would get a lot of play.

Any additions? Tell me in the comments!

Full disclosure: I am aware it's been about two eons since I last posted, and there's no good rationale other than general busyness. Thanks for bearing with me, and stay tuned for more to come!

Get the Look: Allison Williams' Rose Gold Obsession

Saturday, January 18, 2014

It seems only suitable to kick off a new year of The "It" Girl  by spotlighting a lady who continuously stuns. In the past few weeks, Allison Williams has covered the February issue of Elle, killed it on the Golden Globes red carpet and finally returned to us as Marnie (Marie) Michaels on Girls. I have a feeling 2014 will be a fantastic year for Allison, and a great one for us too, as we get to swoon over her gorgeous style picks and trend-setting beauty looks.

As we're in the thick of dreary winter, take a page from Allison's book and go gold: rose gold.

Celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass breaks down what she calls the "Rose Gold Obsession" look, which she prepared before Allison's at the 3rd Annual Sean Penn & Friends "Help Haiti Home" event.

"I call this look 'my obsession with rose gold continues,' says Gia. "It's been my favorite shade lately and it works with every skin tone. Allison's dress was nude with gold accents and I wanted to warm up the face and keep the look soft and sexy."

Check out Gita's simple steps below to achieve the look and tap your inner "It" Girl:

  • "For a flawless complexion, I prepped her skin with Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer and applied a few drops of Armani Maestro foundation and Clé de Peau Beauté concealer, where needed."

  • "I applied Chanel Le Blush Crème de Chanel cream blush to the apples of her cheeks and set it with Nars powder blush in Deep Throat."
  • "For the eyes, I lined upper, lower and inner lash lines with a chocolate eye crayon (like Osmosis Colour Eye Pencil in Brown) and smudged it with a soft brush. I then applied Chanel Illusion D'ombre in Abstraction, a gorgeous warm rose color, to the lid up to the crease and on the lower lash line. To create the rose gold, I layered the bronze shadow from the LORAC Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Superstar over the cream and used the light gold for the inner corners and brow bone. I finished with a few coats of YSL Mascara Singulier in Deep Black."

And her perfect lip? "For a soft peachy nude that would add warmth to the face, I mixed Tom Ford Lipsticks in Blush Nude with a touch of True Coral."

Pretty sure Allison lives and breathes Beyoncé's "Flawless."

An "It" Girl's End of 2013 Checklist

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Between the twerking and the Snapchatting, 2013 certainly was a year to remember. Before you shimmy into your New Year's Eve ensemble, make sure you soak in my list of items to watch, hear and snag before the clock strikes midnight.

The Girls Season Three Trailer: I am utterly obsessed with HBO's Girls. Lena Dunham just gets it. After the emotional rollercoaster that was the season two finale, I've whined about how much I miss the show. The Girls team understands, and after throwing us many teasers via social media, they recently released a new trailer for the third season. In the preview, we see a sassy Shoshanna, melodramatic Marnie and Hannah, well...being Hannah. My excitement just hit the "giddy" level.

via HBO

Girls season three premieres Jan. 12 on HBO.

American Hustle: David O. Russell is at it again, with the star-studded flick based on the 1970's Abscam scandal. This one definitely lives up to the hype — intensely character-driven, the actors are convincing (huge applause for Amy Adams' portrayal), and the story is compelling, sharp and exhilarating. I absolutely loved how the score perfectly complemented the scenes, and the incredible wardrobe which helped tell the story. And, of course, "It" Girl extraordinaire Jennifer Lawrence stole every scene she was in.

Banks: If you missed Banks' debut all over the music blogs (and, now, a Victoria's Secret commercial) this year, I will forgive you: that is, if you promise to check out her EP, London, ASAP. If I had to categorize, I'd call Banks the female counterpart of Drake and The Weeknd — doused in dark and soulful vocals and groove-worthy melodies that create completely memorable music. Fun fact: Banks is a self-taught pianist and singer.

Mark my words, this girl is going to be huge.

Give her track "Warm Water" a spin as you download the London EP. It's what made me fall in love with her to begin with.

Learn more about Banks at

CHVRCHES: Congratulations to CHVRCHES, who produced my favorite album in 2013. The synthpop trio's The Bones of What You Believe is a perfect blend of infectious hooks and purposeful songs laced with vulnerability. I kid you not, every track is great. Check out one of my favorite songs "Lies" below, and jump aboard the CHVRCHES train.

Learn more about CHVRCHES at

Stack It On: I've professed my love for Bing Bang accessories in the past, and it's no surprise they're frequently on my "It" list. Before you say adios to '13, round up one of Bing Bang's cute and quirky cuffs, perfect for both a statement piece and stacking. 

Pucker Up: So long, nail art. According to data from The NPD Group, Inc. (via WWD), ladies are purchasing more lip products than ever. In fact, the numbers are so high, they've shifted the nail art trend into a passing fad.

Even if lipstick is not your go-to beauty product, New Year's Eve is the perfect occasion to pop open a tube, and even try a color not normally in your wheelhouse.

Although a bit of a splurge, Tom Ford Lip Color delivers luxury. Its smooth finish is ideal for turning heads and leaving your mark on champagne glasses. This particular shade is a nod to the 2014 Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid.

An ideal lip product is both long-lasting and moisturizing. The answer? Makeup artist favorite, Stila Long Wear Lip Color (shown here in Daring). But quick! These babies are being discontinued. The pro: they're currently on sale, so stock up!

Happy Movember! Celebrate With a Facial Hair Appreciation Post

Sunday, November 10, 2013

November marks a very special time — a time when men keep their razors in storage and sprout facial hair (in particular, a moustache) in support of men's health for Movember

Aside from the fact that I've recently realized I totally have a thing for guys with facial hair, I thought this would be the perfect time to express my appreciation for the "It" Guys of the world when they've sported a little scruff.

Have a seat (you'll need it, in order to handle this hotness), sit back and enjoy the moustaches of all shapes and sizes below.

Ah, Jon Hamm. He's dreamy as Don Draper, and just as sexy as Jon Hamm. The facial hair he modeled at the 2013 Emmys really just made me me want to roll around in it.

If you look up Chris Hemsworth  in the dictionary, it says, "Fine piece of man." And that scruff really brings out those baby blues. He can lay the hammer down anytime. (What? I'm talking about Thor.)

Here we have Chris' brother, Liam Hemsworth, who frequently rocks a bit of a 'stache.

I couldn't resist capturing the Hot Hemsworths together. So scruffy. So seductive (by simply standing there).

My other favorite Liam, Liam Payne, has had one of the biggest transformations in One Direction. As he grows into his own, he has been seriously sexy with a moustache and beard. (He's 20, it's fine.)

Michael B. Jordan is rarely seen facial hair-less, and is always smoking hot.

Kit Harington is one of my favorite parts of Game of Thrones. Jon Snow may know nothing, but I know something: Kit is hot.

Kit's doppelganger Christopher Abbott will be sorely missed from Girls. A big reason is because he got even cuter once he started rocking the 'stache.

Oh, Fassy

Need I say more about Lenny Kravitz? Nope, I needn't.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn't often skip shaving, but when he does, we get this fine result. And I mean fiiine.

When he's not making us laugh, James Franco is just being hot and sometimes moustache-y.

Tom Hiddleston: amazing actor, amazing facial hair.

Stephen Amell shot a Green Arrow through my heart.

Taye Diggs is so attractive, he could even pull off a handlebar.

You're like a fine wine, John Stamos.

I am sure this list could go on forever. Who is your favorite moustache'd man?

Accessory Crush: Danielle Stevens

Monday, October 28, 2013

Rachel Zoe once said, "Accessories are the antidote to the blahs." As temps are falling, outfits are becoming a bit more complex. I happen to be a huge fan of layers and the cozy pieces that make up a fall wardrobe, but sometimes, it's that one accessory that can really bring an outfit together.

In my quest for fresh, independent jewelry designers in my new home of NYC, I was excited to learn about Danielle Stevens. Not only are the pieces creative and whimsical, they don't break the bank. Sold!

Founded by Danielle Stevens in 2002, the namesake line delivers four collections a year with a characteristic balance between timeless, collectible jewelry and the ultimate statement in fashion accessories. What most caught my attention is that Danielle loves to combine gorgeous natural elements with man-made plastics and ceramics for a fun play on color and textures. Traveling the world, she has found only the finest stones, crystals, and beads from many cultures that she incorporates in her unique designs.

And the girl is legit. Not only has she been featured in InStyle, Lucky, People StyleWatch, Real Simple, Seventeen, Health and Redbook, she has celeb followers like Drew Barrymore, Carrie Underwood, Connie Britton, Kourtney Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Reese Witherspoon, and Hillary Duff.

Check out my Q&A with Danielle below!

I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't fascinated by jewelry. What is your first memory of it? I grew up in a retail family and spent a lot of time in my grandmother and mother's fashion boutiques. So, while customers would be trying on clothes in the dressing room, I would be in a dressing room trying on all the jewelry — and then proceeded to show all the customers the new styles for the seasons.  I loved watching all the fashion shows my grandma would produce for her store, and loved watching all the jewels come down the runway that accessorized all the gorgeous Parisian and European clothes she sold.

Was designing jewelry your childhood dream? Where did your aspirations come from?  I always
wanted to be a journalist, even got a journalism grant at graduation from U of Michigan. I thoroughly enjoyed writing since I was young, but was ALWAYS working with my hands on the side. I painted, taught myself how to sew and how to make jewelry. I started officially making jewelry in college and would sell pieces right off my neck. I realized that being creative was the space I belonged in, and if I wanted to be truly happy, I needed to follow my dreams and make my creativity a full time job.

Which piece is your favorite in your fall collection?  I absolutely love all our stackable bangles this season, I have been wearing a lot of some of our wood bangles with burnished silver bangles (jb34, jb35, jb42, jb39).

One of my favorite pieces from the fall collection, JB50C.

Where do you find inspiration as you create new collections and try to stay ahead of trends?  I am always taking in my surroundings — whether taking photos while traveling, ripping out color inspiration from magazines and watching all the NY and Europe runway shows.  

Your pieces have a lot of stones with interesting cuts, colors and sparkle (I love it!) Do you feel this is your signature trademark? Where do the ideas behind pieces such as these come from?  I love all the faceted crystals and stones in the collection because they really make pieces look richer and they definitely provide that "sparkly" effect that everyone loves when wearing fashion jewelry!  I don't necessarily feel they are my trademark as much as I think they just make the jewelry pop and wearing jewelry is all about having fun.

Describe the "Danielle Stevens" girl.  My collection is always a reflection of what I would wear and what I see the everyday woman wearing.  My jewelry needs to translate to a jean and tee shirt girl to a professional woman.  Almost all pieces in the collection can literally be dressed up or dressed down depending on the outfit.  I recently wore two of my bangles that are more "glam" to a black tie event and the following day layered them with wood and wore them with jeans and a sweater. Versatility is KEY!

What has been your most surreal career moment thus far?  Two years into starting my company, one of my white summer necklaces got paired with an Oscar de la Renta gown on the cover of Town and Country. I literally was awe-struck, and felt so much gratitude for the opportunity to be featured with a couture dress in such a well recognized magazine! It really propelled my jewelry to the next level.

Who are your favorite "It Girls?  Blake Lively, Julianne Hough, Nicole Scherzinger, Jessica Alba

What are you currently playing in your iTunes? Robin Thicke, Give it 2 U

Where can my readers  learn more and purchase? just launched a new site! Check it out, it was so much fun to create and all our new fall styles are up!

Visit Danielle Stevens on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more!

Disclosure: I received a Danielle Stevens piece for trial and review. All opinions therein are solely my own.

8 Reasons You Should Be Anticipating Britney's Return

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Britney Spears fans (also known as the Britney Army — but I prefer Disciples of Godney) have been brimming with anticipation for months now. Let's be honest: it doesn't take much to get us wide-eyed and flailing. But the era of what has been simply dubbed "Album 8" in lieu of the actual title truly feels like Britmas.

For the non-believers, I thought I'd share eight very sensible reasons why you should be excited for the newest Britney era.

Oh, and before we get started, remember: this is not a comeback.

1) The collaborators are HUGE.
William Orbit (Madonna's "Ray of Light" album), Sia (who is not only an outstanding solo artist, but has also penned David Guetta's "She Wolf [Falling To Pieces]," Rihanna's "Diamonds," Ne-Yo's "Let Me Love You [Until You Learn to Love Yourself]" and Rita Ora's "Radioactive") and Charli XCX (Icona Pop's "I Love It") have all been tapped for the creation of Album 8. Executive producer, whom Brit fans have been decidedly on the fence about in the past, shared he wanted to really get an "intimate sense of where her life is right now" before even beginning the process; and, Britney herself has called Album 8 to be her "most personal album ever."

The Twitter correspondence between Britney and Sia below proved there is some magic in the works:

"Beautiful" and "heartbreaking" are qualities both fans and non-fans alike have been craving from B for quite awhile.

2) Danceney.
Looking for the Britney who flawlessly executed these moves?

Rumors have been swirling for months that Brit will be announcing a residency in Las Vegas. While signs are pointing to the fact that this will indeed become a reality, it also appears Britney is generally very committed to polishing her dancing skills this era. She has been spotted in and out of dance studios for the past several months, hinting that maybe, just maybe, we'll see some of those heavily-choreographed  numbers we lived for in the past.

3) She's putting in the work (literally and perhaps figuratively).
It has been unofficially confirmed there will be a song with the word "Work" in it, which already leads me to believe it will be the dance, pop goodness Britney excels at. But don't assume the entire album will be auto-tuned club-bangers:
For those looking for a more substantial Britney, it seems she's looking to bring that to the table  not only lyrically, but vocally, as well.

4) This.
Last night, Queen B uploaded the following photo and caption on her social media channels:

Let's break this down: she looks fantastic, she's dancing (see point "Danceney") and she's filming a video. It's been a minute since we've had a dance-charged video from Ms. Spears, so this is unarguably sensational news.

5) Competition is fierce.
Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are all on deck to release new material within the same timeframe of Album 8's promotion and release. This only makes Britney's new era all the more intriguing and exciting — and her team has likely set the bar high on quality.

6) The recipe.
Even if you're not a Britney fan, there is a song and/or album in your iTunes. Britney is aware of her strengths from previous albums, and uploaded her "recipe" for Album 8 last month.

I'm sure we can all agree if this album is at all inspired by "Blackout" or "In The Zone," there is greatness in store.

7) The mystery.
From the cryptic countdown on to little hints Britney herself has dropped via Twitter, there are lots of surprises in store. While we know some of the producers and writers involved, we truly do not yet know much else about Album 8. Certainly these details will be divulged in the coming weeks, but the lead-up has been quite "mum's the word" and Britney's keeping her lips on the Starbucks. 

8) It's Britney, bitch.
Dig her or dislike her, one thing is certain: Britney is a pop phenomenon. With more than 100 million albums sold to-date (105, actually) and so many records broken (e.g. her sophomore album "Oops!... I Did It Again" still holds the record for the highest sales in one week by a female artist ever), there is no denying she has been and continues to be a force to be reckoned with. She somehow always manages to keep us interested, guessing and squealing.

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