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"Clueless" Trio: "It" Girls 16 Years Later

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Something pretty major happened on this day, July 19, in 1995: one of the most iconic movies of the '90s — and my personal favorite movie of all time — Clueless was released.

It's hard to believe the movie is now 16 years old, as it still seems as relevant as it was upon its debut. In addition to being culturally significant, full of timeless catchphrases and so funny that it still makes me laugh after seeing it approximately 528 times (just a rough estimate), Clueless is a perfect fashion inspiration. In fact, upon its release, Women's Wear Daily called it the fashion movie of the year.

Although style has certainly transformed since 1995, Cher, Dionne and Tai were truly "It" Girls of their time, and their impact has allowed them to still hold the title today. In an era were grunge took precedence, the movie's leading ladies modeled outfits that were fresh and trend-setting. A few of the more memorable pieces included mini skirts, babydoll dresses, sheer blouses, over-the-knee socks, platform shoes and outlandish accessories, including mini-backpacks and an array of hats. And, who could forget the little white Calvin Klein dress Cher's father was not having and the Alaïa Cher rocked at the Val party.

Following is an ode to my favorite "It" Girls of the '90s. And I still wish I had Cher's computer-powered outfit generator. Genius.

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1 comment on ""Clueless" Trio: "It" Girls 16 Years Later"
  1. OMG! The failed "Drivering Test" Outfit was my ultimate favorite, no. 1 pick for this whole movie!! Love this movie with all my heart and was literally bursting at the seams waiting for it to premier on HBO...I was going to middle school when this came out and we were not big movie goers...we always made it a family thing and watched them when they came out on video or HBO.