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All Twisted Up

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
I have an infatuation. And it's with braids. The trend is not a new one and I can't quite trace the root of my love for the interwoven style, but I remember Lauren Conrad rocking the heck out of them during her days on The Hills.

While Lauren certainly didn't invent the braid, I do think she helped catapult it into popularity, between french braids, side braids, braid headbands and braided up-dos. And, no matter the cut, color or style, the girl always has flawless hair.

"It" Girls from coast to coast continue to rock the style from red carpets to coffee runs and the result is always a pretty yet seemingly effortless look.

Even though it is a great summer style, it can easily be adapted to fit a fall look (and is an awesome fix for bad hair days). For some at-home tutorials, check out Lauren Conrad's website, The Beauty Department.
1 comment on "All Twisted Up"
  1. i am growing my hair so that i can braid it :-p