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An Ode To My "It" Boy

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
A true "It" Girl holds her own — she naturally shines and stands out. But the very lucky "It" Girls have a partner in crime. That person for her to have adventures with and provide support in both the good times and the bad (such as a bad breakup or not finding the right pair of Louboutins).

This post is a little different and a bit more personal than those I have written in the past, but I feel as though my very own "It" Boy deserves his own spotlight because truly, he is the epitome of "It." If you are lucky enough to have met Aaron (aka The Ralphnerd), you already know he is extraordinary. But if you have not been so fortunate, allow me a few minutes to brag about him.

He is genuine, incredibly generous and extremely intelligent. A few of his fortes include knowing just the right thing to cause outbursts of laughter, comics (especially those that are Marvel-based), quoting The Great Mouse Detective (seriously, the most underrated Disney movie EVER) and menswear. In fact, his blog chronicles news, trends and tips for the often neglected genre of men's fashion. I can tell you for certain he is the most stylish guy in Chicago, and when we visited New York City this summer, I counted seven(!) compliments he received regarding his style within just a handful of hours.

This "It" Girl has experienced a lot of personal growth this year, much of which was propelled by my "It" Boy. He has been my rock, my very own stylist (saving me from numerous fashion meltdowns) and the absolute best shoulder to lean on. What's more, he has taught me something extremely important, and something every "It" Girl needs to remember: no matter how many people surround her, no matter how much designer fills her closet and no matter how often she is able to jet set across the globe, having a true best friend by her side is invaluable.

My prediction for my "It" Boy is that his bold ambition and creativity will lead him to run some facet of the menswear fashion industry within a few years. (As a side job, he will style Ryan Gosling, introduce us and inevitably be the Best Man in our wedding in 2015.) But no matter where he ends up, I know he will be successful, and I feel very lucky that I will be there beside him through the process.

Aaron and I giving our best Rachel Zoe and Karl Lagerfeld this Halloween. Maj.
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