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An "It" Girl's Gratitude

Friday, December 9, 2011
Thanksgiving is over. Actually, it was two weeks ago. But an "It" Girl knows that, while Turkey Day is a great reminder to count her blessings, it is crucial to be thankful year round. As such, I wanted to pay homage to a few of the things in the "It" Girl realm that I am most appreciative for this year.

Mila Kunis
"It" Girl of the Year? Absolutely. Hot on the heels of 2010's Black Swan, Ms. Kunis' star shone even brighter in 2011. She appeared in one of my favorite movies of the year, Friends with Benefits, was the cover girl for Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour UK, Los Angeles Confidential, Los Angeles Times Magazine and W Magazine and was named "The Knockout" in GQ's annual Men of the Year issue. I love her more with each project, and she is definitely one of the reasons I started this blog to begin with. Thanks for being you, Mila.

Mila rocked Givenchy, Marchesa and Balmain this year. Three of my favorite designers!

To me, Shopbop is the mecca of online shopping. Originally Bop, a Madison, Wisc.-based boutique, the online shop offers apparel, accessories, bags and shoes from more than 200 designers. Their selections never cease to impress me, and I am constantly inspired by their featured lookbooks. One of my favorite features of Shopbop is the free three-day shipping. In a world of crazy-expensive shipping rates and packages that take seemingly eons to arrive, this feature is a godsend. And, did I mention they have a killer blog covering everything from runway to style tips? I love you, Shopbop. Never change.

J Brand Denim
Look, it's okay to be economical about some things. However, denim should not be one of them. Jeans are the MVP of an "It" Girl's wardrobe and can be worn for just about any look — dressy, casual and everything in between. That is why it is important to invest in pairs that truly fit your body type and make you feel confident.

My favorite pair of jeans I purchased this year (yep, from Shopbop) were J Brand's 901 leggings in Vox. The minute I put them on, I realized every pair of jeans I owned before were invalid. The brand's focus is on fit and it shows. I also love that they do not emphasize adornments or trimming, which can take away from the look of the jean. With so many fits and fabrics, there certainly is a style for any "It" Girl. I'm currently obsessed with their line of colored denim and would be even more thankful to own a pair in every color.

Blake, Sarah and Rihanna love their J Brands, too.

Christian Louboutin Pumps
People deal with stress in different ways. One way I like to manage my bad moods is to pull up photos of Louboutins. Some may find that strange, but I'm confident the "It" Girls of the world understand. The styles, shapes and silhouettes of Christian Louboutin's footwear instantly put a smile on my face. Truly, these gems are the epitome of beautiful luxury footwear. Mr. Louboutin, I thank you. So do my feet.

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