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5 Reasons Clarissa Darling Rocks

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
It may be 2011, but the 1990s are currently amidst a resurgence. Clueless recently turned sweet 16 and Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Breckin Meyer (aka Zack Morris & Travis Birkenstock) currently star on TNT's breakout legal dramedy, Franklin & Bash.

But every '90s kid clutched their slap bracelets when Nickelodeon announced the return of their classic programming on TeenNick. Airing favorites such as All That, Clarissa Explains It All, Doug, Hey Arnold! and Kenan & Kel, they dubbed the comeback as "The '90s Are All That" and warmed the heart of any kid who watched the Nickelodeon classics when they originally aired. It's no surprise the first night of programming smashed ratings and is all the buzz on social media networks.

Before the Clueless girls stole my heart, there was Clarissa Darling. From 1st through 4th grade, I yearned to be Clarissa. And, looking back at her now, I realize why.

Following are five reasons why I think Clarissa Darling rocks, and is officially ushered into the "It" Girl Hall of Fame:

5) She was fearless. No matter what challenge she encountered — disputing the typical, lame attire for school picture day, getting a car with no money and constantly dealing with Ferg-Face — she was never afraid to take risks.

4) I still aspire to have an entire apartment as cool as her bedroom. Hub caps, a flamingo-shaped jewelry holder, multi-colored walls AND a pet baby caiman named Elvis? I don't ever recall being so envious of a TV character's living space. While surely my aesthetic is a bit more mature now, I can appreciate the quirkiness and fun behind it.

3) She had an awesome best friend. Okay, so he climbed into her window on a ladder. That might be a bit creepy in today's world, but in Clarissa's world, who cares! Sam was laid-back, optimistic and dependable; a true friend, who could always be counted on to help Clarissa through situations by asking, "What's the worst that can happen?" To top it all off, his entrance was always cued by a guitar riff.

2) The video games. One of my absolute favorite elements of the show was when Clarissa created computer-generated games based on her own situations. She programmed them, inserted herself and any other relevant characters into the mix and played away on her trusty computer. The fact that she could program these herself showed a bit of a geeky side, and made her even cooler.

1) Her style knocked Blossom and Lisa Turtle out of the park. Clarissa's style in one word: anarchy. Mixed prints, textures and themes made her fashion sense girly, grungy and totally eccentric. She made even the most basic pieces outstanding, and it never seemed contrived. As it worked for her then, it can still be referenced as inspiration.

Clarissa's classic look; my spin on it for today

Mila Kunis Insists She's No "It" Girl, Further Proves She Is

Thursday, July 21, 2011
It's no secret I adore Mila Kunis. And, as time goes on, she only gives me more reasons to love her.

Friends with Benefits opens this weekend, and naturally, Mila has been promoting, promoting, promoting. Photoshoots, interviews and TV appearances have ensured she is ubiquitous. Many topics have been on the table, from the Marine Corps Ball (to which she confirmed, "I accepted an invitation and I'm staying true to my word") to her love for Jersey Shore, which she admitted is set up on her TiVo.

And, ironically enough, she recently spoke to reporter Cindy Pearlman about why the "It" Girl label does not fit her, and that she doesn't view herself as a public figure who "exudes a certain amount of sexuality or whatever it may be that men just completely fumble over."

Really, Mila?

But it's that modesty that makes Mila Kunis all the more of an "It" Girl. Beauty aside, she is no pretense, no ego and, to be frank, no bullshit. Her unassuming nature and candidness make her all the more special, particularly in Hollywood, which tends to be filled with an affected and self-absorbed crowd.

To Ms. Kunis I say, keep doing what you're doing. Because, whether you believe it or not, you are "It."

"Clueless" Trio: "It" Girls 16 Years Later

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Something pretty major happened on this day, July 19, in 1995: one of the most iconic movies of the '90s — and my personal favorite movie of all time — Clueless was released.

It's hard to believe the movie is now 16 years old, as it still seems as relevant as it was upon its debut. In addition to being culturally significant, full of timeless catchphrases and so funny that it still makes me laugh after seeing it approximately 528 times (just a rough estimate), Clueless is a perfect fashion inspiration. In fact, upon its release, Women's Wear Daily called it the fashion movie of the year.

Although style has certainly transformed since 1995, Cher, Dionne and Tai were truly "It" Girls of their time, and their impact has allowed them to still hold the title today. In an era were grunge took precedence, the movie's leading ladies modeled outfits that were fresh and trend-setting. A few of the more memorable pieces included mini skirts, babydoll dresses, sheer blouses, over-the-knee socks, platform shoes and outlandish accessories, including mini-backpacks and an array of hats. And, who could forget the little white Calvin Klein dress Cher's father was not having and the Alaïa Cher rocked at the Val party.

Following is an ode to my favorite "It" Girls of the '90s. And I still wish I had Cher's computer-powered outfit generator. Genius.

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Mila Kunis + Justin Timberlake Cover ELLE

Friday, July 8, 2011
I love her as Jackie, I love her as Meg, I love her as Lily and I absolutely die for her as a Glitter Hair Barbie-lover. Simply put: I adore Mila Kunis.

In an already elite group of "It" Girls, Mila is a true standout. In addition to talent, stunning looks and a genuine, down-to-earth nature that almost makes you forget she's a megastar, her "It" factor is off the charts. (It must also be noted that she is a Leo, just like my bestie. No wonder I am so drawn to her!)

Currently, Mila is promoting her latest film, Friends with Benefits. Although many are convinced the movie is a clone of her Black Swan counterpart Natalie Portman's No Strings Attached, I am excited to see Mila on the big-screen again.

Mila graces the August issue of ELLE alongside co-star Justin Timberlake, an "It" Guy in his own right. Check out the stunning editorial below, featuring Mila in a Chanel jumpsuit, Chantilly lace dress by Tom Ford and, my personal favorite, a Ralph Lauren Black Label marabou-feather trim dress.

Now...will these two become a couple already?