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Revisiting Kelly Kapowski's Wardrobe

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
As I think about icons of my childhood, one name always rises to the top: Kelly Kapowski. Okay, maybe she wasn't real, but Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen as Kelly was beautiful, fashionable and undeniably the coolest girl at Bayside. I was captivated by Kelly from an early age, and remember desperately wanting her wardrobe and boyfriend. It's true - I firmly believe Zack Morris is still one of the smoothest, hottest characters in television history.

Although Saved by the Bell reigned in the late '80s and early '90s, upon watching re-runs, I realized  Kell was rocking some trends that can be easily updated in today's closet.

Floral Frenzy
One thing Kelly wore in nearly every episode were florals. Floral denim, floral tops and floral dresses were  serious staples for her.

Although Kelly did this in a very '90s way, florals are on-trend right now. Try something along the lines of the below to add a pop to your closet.


Denim Appreciation
Ms. Kapowski was a big fan of denim jackets, sometimes even pairing them with denim skirts or pants.

While to some, this trend feels outdated, it actually can be worn in a fresh way by playing with fits, silhouettes and proportions.

Revolve Clothing


(Also available in an awesome lime green and neon pink.)

Skirting the Issue
Kelly never struggled with the stress of coordinating separates. The majority of her outfits were skirts paired with a cropped tee, tank top or jacket.

Don't be afraid to show some leg with a mini skirt. The key is to find the right cut and fit for your body type. I recommend enveloping this trend into another one of my favorites, neons. (Of course, you know I adore everything neon.) 

Alexander Wang

Revolve Clothing

James Perse

All screen caps courtesy of yours truly.

10 comments on "Revisiting Kelly Kapowski's Wardrobe"
  1. No wonder Zach Morris was all over this! This is fantastic!

  2. Nice job collecting pics of Kelly in some of her loveliest and most feminine outfits. I was secretly in love with her, and her clothing was so sexy and unique!

  3. Great eye Angel! You make her seem tres fashionable again!

  4. A little late to the party, but I love this post! Kelly's style is still so relevant!

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  7. all i know is She is so pretty wow! wish i had a body like that! wow!

  8. I wonder if all those pretty students acting out like role models in any thinkable social situation could get time to learn anything too.

  9. I loved this show and she and Lisa were the girls I looked to every episode for style! Seriously! And yes, I wanted Zack Morris too...still do, but he's a married man so I can only dream now, but kudos to him for continuing to look so dreamy even now.

  10. As a male viewer of Saved by the Bell back in the day, I was attracted to Kelly and highly attentive to her clothing choises. If she was showing a good amount of leg in a miniskirt, my feelings towards her would inevitably take a swing towards the more salacious side of things, and my resulting fantasies would include the skirt or dress being raised, but often not removed. She was a total hottie!