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Chicago "It" Girl: Flavia Robinson

Sunday, July 1, 2012
I typically focus my posts on "It" Girls of Hollywood, but the fact is, not every "It" Girl has a recording contract, stars alongside Ryan Gosling or graces the pages of Vogue. With this in mind, I'd like to spotlight an "It" Girl in my own backyard, Flavia Robinson.

I grew to love her blog Lulu Abroad based on her fabulous street style photos and easy-breezy tutorial videos. It was also evident to me by reading her posts that Flavia has the "It" factor (whether she admits it or not). While there are countless bloggers in the style realm, her relatable dialogue and inspiring stories make her a standout. 

Fun fact: Flavia was born and raised in Brazil. Another fun fact: she met her husband across from The Little Mermaid ride at Disney World. How's that for a fairy tale?

Flavia was sweet enough to give me five minutes for a quick interview to learn what is "It" in her world. Check it out below.

You are quite the traveler! Which place - anywhere across the globe - is "It" for you?
Porto Seguro is a small town off the Brazilian shore and where the Portuguese first plainted their flag when discovering Brazil. The place is gorgeous, but what most fascinates me is the relaxed culture, the local music and the nightlife (that also prevails during the day). You go watchless without ever noticing. I've never seen or heard of anywhere like it in the world and can't really blame the Portuguese for having stayed.

Favorite "It" Chicago spots?
I could seriously live at the NoMI Patio, no problem. Millennium Park is another favorite. Cheesy, I know, but I'm not from Chicago...and I like ketchup on my hotdog!

Every "It" Girl has that one song that gets them going (and may even cause hair flipping). What's yours?
Right now? "Danza Kuduro."

What are your top five "It" items for the summer?
Bigger than my face sunglasses, a pair of havaianas, sunscreen (duh), Alexander Wang white tank top and gallons of hydrating coconut water.

Finish the sentence: to me, an "It" Girl is...
a lot of work. I'd rather just be "girl."

Don't forget to check out Lulu Abroad if you haven't done so already. It'll absolutely become bookmarked in your web browser!
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  1. Angel, I've said this before but will say it again because I wanna make sure you remember this: You're awesome! I love your writing style and this post turned out great. Thank you so much for opening space to feature my blog. And keep up the great work. Love reading you.