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Nail It

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
An outfit isn't complete without the proper pieces to tie it all together, whether it's a pair of shades or a stack of bracelets. One of these finishing touches I can never leave the house without is actually one of the least expensive, but most effective: painted nails. While a small touch, it can really complete a look (and be a great conversation piece).

Taking a cue from some of my "It" Girls, I've compiled a few of my recommendations for rocking the right shades this summer and beyond.

Get Electric

Rihanna is no stranger to bold fashion choices, and updates her nails even more often than her hair. She recently opted for bright yellow during a visit to New York City. I've expressed my love for the neon trend that is oh-so-hot right now, and nail polish manufacturers have caught on, too This can be done with a rainbow of bright colors, from a more traditional pink to a fluorescent green or blazing blue. 

TipNeon nails are also a great option for those looking to experiment with the trend without being too obvious. If you're still intimidated, remember this: darker colors, like blues and purples, complement fair skin tones, while ladies with darker skin can really pull off pinks and oranges. 

OPI: Did It On 'Em — Orly: Skinny Dip — Essie: Bazooka

Put It On Mute

I know it might seem contradictory to the neon colors, but muted nail colors are another nail trend I love. Blake Lively has been promoting Savages all over the place, and I noticed her frequenting nude and light pink nail colors. Contemporary and chic, these shades are suitable for anything from the office to a cocktail party.

Tip: While it can be fun to match the nail color with your skin tone, experiment with shades brighter and slightly darker. But before painting anything, make sure you use a good cuticle oil, as these natural shades will really accentuate your nails and hands!

OPI: Did You 'ear About Van Gogh? — Dior: Safari Beige — Essie: A Crewed Interest

Heavy Metal

Listen up: dark colors are NOT just for fall and winter! While it is fun to play up bright shades during the summer season, the fact is, it is not taboo to rotate in some darker shades, too. The deep blue shade recently worn by Emilia Clarke (also known as the Mother of Dragons on HBO's Game of Thrones) is a great example, as the finish is more chrome than matte. 

Tip: A clear base coat will help the shimmer of a chrome polish really stand out. However, I personally prefer not to do a top coat, as I don't like too much shine on top of it. Because dark colors are noticeable when they chip, paint the tip of your nails with a top coat instead of the entire nail. I swear by it!

OPI: Light My Sapphire (my favorite!) — Essie: No Place Like Chrome — Zoya: Tao 

If you want to take the chrome trend a step further, check out Butter London's "Heavy Medal" Collection, inspired by the 2012 Olympics!
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