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3 Lessons from "The Hills"

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Even an "It" Girl needs a day of lounging. Today, this girl spent the majority of a rainy Chicago afternoon contently curled on the couch, taking advantage of "The Hills" marathon MTV is currently airing.  Watching Lauren, Heidi, Audrina and the other "Hills"-ites brought me back to the days before this blog existed (aka college) — and made me realize  real or staged, silly as it all might have been, there are some lessons an "It" Girl could learn from the ladies of Los Angeles. Baffled by this revelation? Allow me to explain.


1) Everyone stumbles.
In season two, Whitney was presented the chance to model during a live television segment for "Good Morning America." When it came time to walk down a flight of stairs, the fear of anyone who appears on live TV came true — she tripped. Understandably shaken up, Whitney still did her best to keep her composure and  carried on. This resulted in her boss telling her the incident was "impressive" and "endearing." During season three, Whitney was even promoted from Intern to Fashion Contributor. We all stumble in life, both literally and figuratively, but the key is to take a deep breath, stay focused and keep going.

2) Never, ever, ever, EVER choose a man over Paris.
One thing I am certain LC will never live down is her choice to spend a summer with then-boyfriend Jason instead of a trip to Paris offered from her internship at Teen Vogue. While Lauren's career certainly seems to be on the right track now, the situation is definitely a lesson to be learned. Boys will come and go, but career and personal growth opportunities like these can be once-in-a-lifetime. If you are truly in a great relationship, he will be there afterward. And, hello, there is always Skype.

3) Friends above everything.
Friendships were often put to the test throughout the series. Most notably, the drama between Lauren and former BFF Heidi ignited during season two and carried through Lauren's exit of the show in season five. The source? A really weird dude named Spencer. Apologies were made, tears were shed and letters were written, but it all made me think: No matter what happens, true friendships can withstand anything. While a tough lesson to learn, some so-called friends show their true colors and break the bond. These experiences can only bring you closer to the genuine friendships in life. And those, dear readers, are the ones you need to hang on to. Because when work stresses arise, your boyfriend does something really stupid or you feel like your world is about to crumble, those are the people that will get you through it.

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Bonus lesson: No matter what situation Lauren faced, she knew how to rock flawfree hair. That's a true "It" Girl.
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