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5 Things I Learned From "Gossip Girl"

Sunday, December 23, 2012

It is the end of an era. After five great, gasp-worthy years, our favorite Upper East Siders stowed away their mobile phones and bid farewell with the series finale on December 17. I featured some of my favorite looks from the show several months ago, and the fashion inspiration which carried through all six seasons is undeniable. 

While it may sound rather cheesy, I learned more than great style from "Gossip Girl." The show oozed drama and, quite frequently, unrealistic situations. But digging deeper, I drew a few life lessons I actually carry with me beyond watching the show.

5) "Whoever said that money doesn't buy happiness, didn't know where to shop." Okay, money does not truly solve all problems. However, this quote, said by none other than Blair Waldorf in season one, resounds true. For those obsessed with designer (like me), hitting up Barney's after a rough day in the office can only result in pure exhilaration. Perhaps your passion is books; it only makes sense to indulge in a few hardcovers. No matter what, it is important to find things which inspire and revive you, and invest appropriately.

4) Trust few. Back-stabbing was a trait almost as commonly displayed as designer labels. While it may seem tempting to spill to just anyone, people talk — and those who talk with you will also talk about you. Et tu, Dan Humphrey?

3) The good things in life are worth waiting for. I think this lesson can be attributed to a few situations in the series, but most importantly, the relationship between Blair and Chuck. I rooted for this couple from the moment they hooked up in the back of Chuck's limo during season one; and through their seemingly never-ending ups and downs, my biggest hope for the finale was for a permanent union. Whether a relationship or a really amazing career, the best things in life take work, dedication...and a bit of time.

2) "Bitch" has a new meaning. In season one, I despised Georgina Sparks. By season six, I found myself absolutely loving her character. Turns out, G wasn't the enemy, and although she may have been a textbook "bitch," she made things happen. The same could also be said for Ms. Waldorf, who was never, ever afraid to take charge. She may have been an extreme character, but she was also highly intelligent, ambitious and fiercely loyal. Confidence is key, and often leads to power. In my eyes, a true "It" Girl possesses all of these traits.

1) Family is what you make it. Even Manhattan's elite experienced dysfunction within their families. Absent relatives,  legal drama and many, many secrets comprised the lives of each character. No matter what, the "Gossip Girl" crew had each other. A common theme reinforced at the end of the series, family proved to be more than bloodlines. It is friends who cultivate a history through experiences, from traditions and by having similar ambitions. As it goes with family, friends may not always see eye-to-eye, but the bond remains through any situation.

Forever and for always, "Gossip Girl," I love you. xoxo

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