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Fashion Inspiration: Daria

Monday, August 13, 2012
If you asked me, "What is your favorite cartoon of all time?" I, without hesitation, would reply, "Daria" and proceed to sing "You're Standing On My Neck."  

The series had multiple dimensions of awesomeness: Daria's perpetual cynicism and sarcasm, Jane's ice cool attitude seeping with dry humor —  and her hot brother, Trent. (I never did determine if it is acceptable to call a cartoon character "hot"...) Even Quinn's boundless vanity provided numerous lol-moments. For example, the episode "Gifted" spawned this treasure:  "Who came up with the name 'tennis bracelet,' anyway? It sounds like some kind of a sweatband, if you ask me. You know what I'd name them? Wrist ornaments. It's like a tree ornament, only for your wrist. Doesn't that sound festive?" 

Whether she liked it or not, fashion was a big part of Daria Morgendorffer's life. Daria may have loathed the notion of fashion Quinn and her Fashion Club minions lived for, but she effortlessly had her own style which so perfectly defined the '90s. 

In ode to the show, I present my modern, fashion-forward outfits inspired by Daria, Jane and Quinn. 

Daria Morgendorffer