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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Something funny happened a little over a week ago: I turned 28. Okay, on the surface, that doesn't seem to fit in the "funny" category. The hilarious part came in when my best friend surprised me with a birthday cake featuring my favorite Internet sensation of 2012, Grumpy Cat.

The joy is apparent on my face.

Best. cake. ever.

Because my birthday falls so closely to January 1, I like to think the new year begins on January 7 instead. And, while I don't necessarily believe in new year's resolutions, a birthday does mark the start of a new year, and, personally, a time to reset with new goals.

After reflecting upon my ideal self, I came up with three simple aspirations for the year. While these certainly are not all-encompassing, I hope to carry these goals with me through the year and beyond.

Unleash My Inner Jennifer Lawrence/Jessa Johansson/Blair Waldorf 
Even though two are fictional, each of these ladies possess traits which inspire me.

Jen is my current favorite "It" Girl. Her roles have consistently proved her talent (p.s. If you haven't yet seen Silver Linings Playbook, go RIGHT NOW); but off-camera, she is completely silly, down-to-earth and endearing. She possesses the rare ability to seem completely polished in photoshoots and on the red carpet, but remains true to her core: a goofball. She doesn't hesitate to poke fun at herself and admit to guilty pleasures. Being a "dork" has never looked so cool.

In a word, Girls' Jessa is free-spirited. In fact, she might be a little too free-spirited for me. But there is something to be said about not wasting energies on silly things, taking the day as it comes and trying something a little outrageous every now and then. I must do more of that.

Disregarding the time when she was passive and weak (it's all your fault, Dan Humphrey), Blair is the epitome of power and passion in my eyes. Whether plotting a scheme or trying to salvage a relationship, Blair never backed down and always got what she wanted. 

Wear More Heels

A sad truth about living in a big city: it can become incredibly easy to forgo the stilettos when you commute/walk from point to point/constantly rush out the door to catch a bus. This year, I intend to make the effort to tuck away the boots and sandals more often in favor of high heels. The trade-off is an unmatched feeling of sophistication and sexiness — a feeling no other shoe can provide.

Be Kinder to My Skin

There simply is no excuse for not washing off make-up at the end of the day, moisturizing and applying sunscreen. Yet, somehow, I sometimes seem to make one. Part of showing skin some love, especially your beautiful face, is not packing on make-up every day. I recently swapped out my usual foundation for BB cream, and I was amazed how much lighter my skin felt. Essentially, BB cream provides an all-in-one product, combining sunscreen, primer, moisturizer and coverage, among other ingredients. I recommend Rimmel London's BB Cream, which contains SPF 25 and is friendly for the wallet.

In addition to these aspirations, I have many hopes and dreams for my 28th year. I look forward to you joining me for the ride.
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