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An "It" Girl's Guide to the MTV VMAs

Saturday, August 24, 2013
It is my belief the MTV Video Music Awards are one of the most exciting award shows of the year. The funny thing is, the excitement doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the winners. It's the chaos. The red carpet craziness! The collaborations! The surprise appearances! I'm excited just thinking about it.

The VMAs turn 30 (!) this year, and while so many lists have highlighted the show's biggest and best moments, I decided to go a different route. Check out my tips for managing the day's festivities.

Pre-Show: Breathe.
Rumors have been swirling this week about an assembly of the greatest, swoon-worthy-est boy band of all time during tomorrow's show. I think every girl born in or around 1985 FREAKED OUT about the news. Then, our hearts collectively shattered after party pooper Lance Bass allegedly denied the reunion. Now, as an official *NSYNC twitter account launched (and became verified!) tonight with an accompanying cryptic tweet, hopes are at an all-time high. 

Ladies, we're all a bit frantic about this right now. To think, the five guys who tore up our hearts, taught us the true meaning of dirty pop and still have us captivated by their legendary booty shaking could be together, at the same place, at the same time, on the same stage...


My best advice: Seriously, breathe. We need to keep our composure. In the meantime, turn up the Celebrity album and reminisce about the e-zine you subscribed to in the late '90s (FYI, I ran one called *//\\//SYNC N-E-TIME.)

Red Carpet: Judge.
As "It" Girls, we appreciate a well-styled red carpet appearance. Unfortunately, the VMAs sometimes bring out the crazy. As you watch, I encourage you to critique attendees. I, personally, am a big fan of the 1-10 scale, with 1 being "Fire Your Stylist. Now." and 10 being "Giving Me Life!" You can also make this a drinking game (please drink responsibly, of course), in which you take a sip when:
  • An outfit resembles a muppet.
  • The ensemble looks like it was put together in the dark.
  • A male attendee is wearing a simple t-shirt. Bonus drink if it's layered with chains.
  • There is glitter/sequins/bedazzlement present.
On the flip side, I've provided a refresher of some of the golden VMA red carpet moments.

From the Queen of Pop to the Queen of the Catwalk, these ladies brought their A-game to the VMAs.

Show: Clap, Sing and Paint Your Nails.
Admittedly, sometimes the VMAs do bring disappointments in winners (ask Kanye) or snooze-worthy performances. Don't be afraid to jam out to the performers you are feeling, and give a little applause for winners you approve of. (I'm a big advocate of participation, even if it's from your couch.) If the show hits a lull, break out the nail polish. (Try CND Vinylux in Gotcha if you're feeling girly, or OPI's Dining al Frisco). 

Here are a few things I look forward to seeing (in addition to the holy *NSYNC reunion):
  1. Robin Thicke Winning Video of the Year for "Blurred Lines." Song of the Summer? More like Song of the Year. That "hey, hey, hey" never gets old, and certainly, I wouldn't mind seeing Mr. Thicke grace the stage to pick up his Moonman. (Yum.)
  2. Shady Business. Some of the funniest moments are when audience members are caught off guard by the cameras, sneering or plastered with a "judging you" glare. Be on the lookout for these. I, personally, would love to see a little Harry Styles shade for Taylor Swift.
  3. Drake. Yeah, just Drake. He also may or may not be announcing his marriage proposal to me after his performance. Just putting that out there.
  4. Katy Roars. Could it be possible Katy Perry brings a real tiger on stage for her performance of "Roar"? Regardless, this pop gem is definitely one of the performances I am anticipating.
Post-Show: All Clear.
We survived. Hopefully, at this point, we're reeling off a flawless *NSYNC performance and our nails are shiny and fabulous. Before you hit the hay, slather on GLAMGLOW Super-Mud Clearing Treatment Mask. Like most masks, it looks a little silly while it dries, but it is hands down the best mask I have ever used. Expect a fresh, clear complexion, perfect for facing the week ahead.

...Okay, one more for the road.

Guest Post: "It" Girls of Comic Books

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
I'm so excited to share this post, written by my best friend and favorite geek, Aaron of TheRalphnerd. A true expert on the topic, he breaks down some major "It" Girls in the comic book world. 

It's no secret comic books have been pop culture's latest obsession, along with French bulldogs and grumpy cats. As "It" Girls, I'm sure the latter is what really makes you squeal with delight. However, women are no strangers to kicking ass and taking names, and this bears no difference in the comic world. In fact, some of the best characters created are "It" Girls: polished, refined, bad ass and role models every budding young woman should look up to. 

So how do you know which "It" comic heroine you'd be slightly interested in? Well, I manage a blog that obsesses over superheroes and fashion, so it's your lucky day. 

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince

The "It" Factor: The Amazonian warrior princess hails from Theymiscara, the all-female populated paradise island. Proving her ferocity and wit in battle, Diana was gifted with the lasso of truth, and magical deflective bracelets to protect her journeys as a liaison between the world of men and Theymiscara. Wonder Woman is also the very first super heroine, and one of three in the great DC Comics trinity (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman). What "It" Girl doesn't love exclusivity?

Winner of...: Best Accessories for a Heroine. A lasso that forces men to speak the truth? Ladies, don't act like you wouldn't use this.

All looks from Fall 2013 collections.

Who She's Wearing: DVF/Balenciaga/Tom Ford. Diana is more than likely going to support a designer who empowers women, but still makes them look dazzling. Don't forget she's royalty, so there's a luxe factor here. And, like every woman, Diana doesn't mind a little razzle dazzle. (Peep those silver cuffs.)

Pop Culture Obsession: If there's any flaw Diana has as a heroine, it's that she's incredibly self-righteous,. But I bet Athena's temple that she's on the Holy Maury Mother of God Tumblr page searching for GIFs...daily.

Storm/Ororo Monroe

The "It" Factor: A Kenyan-born mutant with the ability to manipulate the weather, Storm hasn't had the easiest life. However, earned the titles of leader/co-leader of the X-Men, became a worshiped goddess and was named the late queen of the fictional African nation Wakanda. With a calm temperament (that doesn't mean you can piss her off), a knack for leadership and the ability to make white hair look stylish, Storm remains top-tier in the world of super heroines.

Winner of...: Best Makeover. In the early '80s, Storm experienced a mid-mutant-life crisis, due to the loss of her weather controlling abilities. She cut her hair into a mohawk, and donned an all black leather get-up. Kind of like Rihanna during her Rated R days, but without the CB heartbreak. Storm ain't having that.

Who She's Wearing: Roberto Cavalli/Helmut Lang/T by Alexander Wang. The earth mother/queen in Storm loves print and flowy silhouettes (right up Cavalli's alley), but her field leader nature loves structure, and dark palettes. She's a walking wind machine, and anything she wears will be for affect. But, unlike a certain diva who'll remain nameless, her hair will never get caught in a fan.

Pop Culture Obsession: Storm may be one for overdrawn speeches and dramatic declarations, but I guarantee you her most viewed video on YouTube is Sweet Brown. Time for another X-mission? "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

Catwoman/Selina Kyle

The "It" Factor: Born on the rough streets of Gotham, Selina quickly acclimated to street life to survive. But her survival skills were not in vain, soon making her one of the most notorious cat burglars in Gotham. With an affinity to feline pals and expensive jewels, Selina eventually crossed paths with the Bat and became an on off-love interest and foe. We wouldn't call Ms. Kyle a villain, per se. She's a gal every woman can relate to. Who doesn't want jewels and money?

Winner of...: Best Cinematic Performance. Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992's Batman Returns cemented Catwoman as one of the most desirable comic ladies of all time. The costume, the bad ass attitude and the shivering "meow" does it for me.

Who She's Wearing:  Gucci/Versace/Hervé Léger. Selina's an urban girl in every sense of the word. Even with a burglar background, Selina is anything but discreet, until it's necessary. She likes gold, big jewels, lamè and decadence. If it makes a statement, she loves it.

Pop Culture Obsession: Selina's a pretty cat-friendly girl and would never find humor in her beloved pets. But how could she resist Grumpy Cat? (She even has the Grumpy Cat weather app for her iPhone.)

Emma Frost/The White Queen

The "It" Factor: Emma comes from a life a decadence, class and luxury, by means of her family's "old money." With telepathy and a mutant ability to transform her skin into diamond, Emma took an early path to villianhood by becoming The White Queen of the mutant Illuminati order, The Hellfire Club. After a series of run-ins with the X-Men, she finally saw reason and joined them, replacing the late psychic Jean Grey as a heavy-hitter telepath.

Winner of...: Best One Liners. Proof? Jean Grey: "What makes you such a bitch, Emma?" Emma Frost: "Breeding, darling. Top class breeding."

Who She's Wearing: Marchesa/Isabel Marant/Chanel. Coming from old money — and having skin made from diamonds — makes decadence a clearly defined wardrobe trait. She's the "It" Girl who will walk around the X-mansion in an Marchesa dress and Louboutin Bianca pumps, simply because she feels like it. And accessories? No need, when your skin is the biggest rock any girl could want.

Pop Culture Obsession: Being a telepath means getting the 411 all the time, so there's no greater intrigue than MTV's Catfish. But, obviously, Emma could spot a Catfish 400 miles away.

You can visit Aaron, AKA The Ralphnerd, at When he's not obsessing over geek culture, he likely has his nose in a book, his hands on the coolest new menswear piece or is his booty shaking on the dance floor.

Expert Makeup Tips for a Flawless Face

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Great makeup is seasonless. Through the years, I've grown to appreciate the "less is more" philosophy — but I've also learned that even the natural look can be tough to master.

Selena, Blake and Lucy always hit the "beauty" thing on the head.

I chatted with New York City-based Kimara Ahnert of The Kimara Ahnert Makeup & Skincare Studio and dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg regarding their best tips for beauty for the summer and beyond. 

Feeling confusion about the many options on shelves, I first picked Dr. Goldenberg's brain about BB creams and their alphabetical successors.

BB, CC and now DD creams...what is the deal?!
The alphabet soup of different cosmetic products is likely to continue. The main benefit of these products is hydration of the skin. BB (beauty balm), CC (conceal and correct or color control) and DD (disguise and diminish) creams may sound similar, but have subtle differences. 
  • BB cream was first used by a dermatologist in Germany to help patients after surgery. The purpose of BB cream is to hydrate and smooth the skin, and it may contain tint and sunscreen. 
  • CC cream is marketed as a concealer to even out skin tones and hydrate the skin. 
  • DD cream is supposed to hydrate and have anti-aging properties. 
The main ingredient in all of these is water. As you can see, there are differences when it comes to marketing, but these products are actually very similar. 

What about those with sensitive or acne-prone skin? 
When my patients ask if they can use these products, I say, "Go right ahead." As long as it's hypoallergenic (important for patients with sensitive skin), non-comedogenic (important for patients with acne) and made by a reputable company with good ingredients, there should not be a problem.

Patients can use regular foundation or alphabet soup products, as long as it's a good product. One of the subtle advantages of products like BB cream, is that it's targeted make up - if you only have on blemish, there may not be a reason to cover your whole face. But the flipside is a disadvantage - if full coverage is needed, these aren't as good of an option.

Dr. Goldenberg recommends L'Oreal, Clinique, Chanel and Lancôme. 

I feel more enlightened already.

Kimara Ahnert, who has worked with Hollywood's A-list (Catherine Zeta Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brooke Shields, to name a few), has some pointers on how to keep our best assets looking fresh (I'm talking eyes, sillies!) and how we can really make sure that lipstick lasts through girl's night out.

Eyeliner is my favorite make-up product, but it never seems to stay put, especially when it's warm outside. What can I do?

  1. Use an eye shadow primer to keep eye shadow from creasing and eyeliner smudging.  
  2. If your eyeliner is smudging, make sure you are not over concealing under the eye. Too much concealer can make eyeliner and mascara run. (Who knew!?)
  3. Apply concealer under eye area with a brush and pat in to blend with your finger. If you are applying directly to eye from tube or with your finger, chances are you are piling it on thicker than need be.
  4. Gel eyeliner pencils are water resistant and will go the distance without smudging.
My eyelashes tend to clump, especially after taking off mascara. Any tips?
Clear brow gels work well used on eyelashes first, before mascara. It separates the lashes allowing mascara'd lashes to look perfect.

I've heard taking off eye make-up can cause wrinkles. Is this true? If so, what can we do to best remove it, knowing it is so stubborn?
Totally false.  Eye makeup remover will not cause wrinkles. Use a remover that easily removes your eye makeup. You should not have to apply excessive rubbing to get it off.  If it is stubborn to remove, use an oil-based remover.  Baby oil, Vaseline, Oil of Olay and POND'S Cold Cream are always good standbys.

I swear, I've tried every trick in the book to get my lipstick to last all day, but it usually disappears within an hour! What do you recommend?
  1. Keep lips looking perfect by first applying an even coat of foundation or lip primer to entire lip. 
  2. Line lips with lip liner. 
  3. Follow with lip color applied with a brush. 
  4. BLOT! 
  5. Re-apply lip color a second time with brush. Lip gloss to follow, but will make lip color wear away faster.
What is the best order to put on make-up? 
Most makeup artists would agree that starting with eye makeup first is the way to go. That way, any smudging or eye shadow residue can be cleaned away before applying concealer and then foundation. You will be surprised just how much shadow collects under eye while applying and blending .

What are three make-up tricks every "It" Girl should know?
  1. Paint your concealer on with a brush starting in the inner corner of eye up to beginning of brow as well as under the eye area.
  2. Use a bright blush on ball of cheek sweeping up toward top of cheekbone.  Then sweep your blush over your finished eye makeup on the brow bone.  It pulls it all me!
  3. Cover lips with a foundation or concealer before lip liner and lip color. Lips looks smoother, more perfect and longer lasting.