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An "It" Girl's Guide to the MTV VMAs

Saturday, August 24, 2013
It is my belief the MTV Video Music Awards are one of the most exciting award shows of the year. The funny thing is, the excitement doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the winners. It's the chaos. The red carpet craziness! The collaborations! The surprise appearances! I'm excited just thinking about it.

The VMAs turn 30 (!) this year, and while so many lists have highlighted the show's biggest and best moments, I decided to go a different route. Check out my tips for managing the day's festivities.

Pre-Show: Breathe.
Rumors have been swirling this week about an assembly of the greatest, swoon-worthy-est boy band of all time during tomorrow's show. I think every girl born in or around 1985 FREAKED OUT about the news. Then, our hearts collectively shattered after party pooper Lance Bass allegedly denied the reunion. Now, as an official *NSYNC twitter account launched (and became verified!) tonight with an accompanying cryptic tweet, hopes are at an all-time high. 

Ladies, we're all a bit frantic about this right now. To think, the five guys who tore up our hearts, taught us the true meaning of dirty pop and still have us captivated by their legendary booty shaking could be together, at the same place, at the same time, on the same stage...


My best advice: Seriously, breathe. We need to keep our composure. In the meantime, turn up the Celebrity album and reminisce about the e-zine you subscribed to in the late '90s (FYI, I ran one called *//\\//SYNC N-E-TIME.)

Red Carpet: Judge.
As "It" Girls, we appreciate a well-styled red carpet appearance. Unfortunately, the VMAs sometimes bring out the crazy. As you watch, I encourage you to critique attendees. I, personally, am a big fan of the 1-10 scale, with 1 being "Fire Your Stylist. Now." and 10 being "Giving Me Life!" You can also make this a drinking game (please drink responsibly, of course), in which you take a sip when:
  • An outfit resembles a muppet.
  • The ensemble looks like it was put together in the dark.
  • A male attendee is wearing a simple t-shirt. Bonus drink if it's layered with chains.
  • There is glitter/sequins/bedazzlement present.
On the flip side, I've provided a refresher of some of the golden VMA red carpet moments.

From the Queen of Pop to the Queen of the Catwalk, these ladies brought their A-game to the VMAs.

Show: Clap, Sing and Paint Your Nails.
Admittedly, sometimes the VMAs do bring disappointments in winners (ask Kanye) or snooze-worthy performances. Don't be afraid to jam out to the performers you are feeling, and give a little applause for winners you approve of. (I'm a big advocate of participation, even if it's from your couch.) If the show hits a lull, break out the nail polish. (Try CND Vinylux in Gotcha if you're feeling girly, or OPI's Dining al Frisco). 

Here are a few things I look forward to seeing (in addition to the holy *NSYNC reunion):
  1. Robin Thicke Winning Video of the Year for "Blurred Lines." Song of the Summer? More like Song of the Year. That "hey, hey, hey" never gets old, and certainly, I wouldn't mind seeing Mr. Thicke grace the stage to pick up his Moonman. (Yum.)
  2. Shady Business. Some of the funniest moments are when audience members are caught off guard by the cameras, sneering or plastered with a "judging you" glare. Be on the lookout for these. I, personally, would love to see a little Harry Styles shade for Taylor Swift.
  3. Drake. Yeah, just Drake. He also may or may not be announcing his marriage proposal to me after his performance. Just putting that out there.
  4. Katy Roars. Could it be possible Katy Perry brings a real tiger on stage for her performance of "Roar"? Regardless, this pop gem is definitely one of the performances I am anticipating.
Post-Show: All Clear.
We survived. Hopefully, at this point, we're reeling off a flawless *NSYNC performance and our nails are shiny and fabulous. Before you hit the hay, slather on GLAMGLOW Super-Mud Clearing Treatment Mask. Like most masks, it looks a little silly while it dries, but it is hands down the best mask I have ever used. Expect a fresh, clear complexion, perfect for facing the week ahead.

...Okay, one more for the road.

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