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Guest Post: "It" Girls of Comic Books

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
I'm so excited to share this post, written by my best friend and favorite geek, Aaron of TheRalphnerd. A true expert on the topic, he breaks down some major "It" Girls in the comic book world. 

It's no secret comic books have been pop culture's latest obsession, along with French bulldogs and grumpy cats. As "It" Girls, I'm sure the latter is what really makes you squeal with delight. However, women are no strangers to kicking ass and taking names, and this bears no difference in the comic world. In fact, some of the best characters created are "It" Girls: polished, refined, bad ass and role models every budding young woman should look up to. 

So how do you know which "It" comic heroine you'd be slightly interested in? Well, I manage a blog that obsesses over superheroes and fashion, so it's your lucky day. 

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince

The "It" Factor: The Amazonian warrior princess hails from Theymiscara, the all-female populated paradise island. Proving her ferocity and wit in battle, Diana was gifted with the lasso of truth, and magical deflective bracelets to protect her journeys as a liaison between the world of men and Theymiscara. Wonder Woman is also the very first super heroine, and one of three in the great DC Comics trinity (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman). What "It" Girl doesn't love exclusivity?

Winner of...: Best Accessories for a Heroine. A lasso that forces men to speak the truth? Ladies, don't act like you wouldn't use this.

All looks from Fall 2013 collections.

Who She's Wearing: DVF/Balenciaga/Tom Ford. Diana is more than likely going to support a designer who empowers women, but still makes them look dazzling. Don't forget she's royalty, so there's a luxe factor here. And, like every woman, Diana doesn't mind a little razzle dazzle. (Peep those silver cuffs.)

Pop Culture Obsession: If there's any flaw Diana has as a heroine, it's that she's incredibly self-righteous,. But I bet Athena's temple that she's on the Holy Maury Mother of God Tumblr page searching for GIFs...daily.

Storm/Ororo Monroe

The "It" Factor: A Kenyan-born mutant with the ability to manipulate the weather, Storm hasn't had the easiest life. However, earned the titles of leader/co-leader of the X-Men, became a worshiped goddess and was named the late queen of the fictional African nation Wakanda. With a calm temperament (that doesn't mean you can piss her off), a knack for leadership and the ability to make white hair look stylish, Storm remains top-tier in the world of super heroines.

Winner of...: Best Makeover. In the early '80s, Storm experienced a mid-mutant-life crisis, due to the loss of her weather controlling abilities. She cut her hair into a mohawk, and donned an all black leather get-up. Kind of like Rihanna during her Rated R days, but without the CB heartbreak. Storm ain't having that.

Who She's Wearing: Roberto Cavalli/Helmut Lang/T by Alexander Wang. The earth mother/queen in Storm loves print and flowy silhouettes (right up Cavalli's alley), but her field leader nature loves structure, and dark palettes. She's a walking wind machine, and anything she wears will be for affect. But, unlike a certain diva who'll remain nameless, her hair will never get caught in a fan.

Pop Culture Obsession: Storm may be one for overdrawn speeches and dramatic declarations, but I guarantee you her most viewed video on YouTube is Sweet Brown. Time for another X-mission? "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

Catwoman/Selina Kyle

The "It" Factor: Born on the rough streets of Gotham, Selina quickly acclimated to street life to survive. But her survival skills were not in vain, soon making her one of the most notorious cat burglars in Gotham. With an affinity to feline pals and expensive jewels, Selina eventually crossed paths with the Bat and became an on off-love interest and foe. We wouldn't call Ms. Kyle a villain, per se. She's a gal every woman can relate to. Who doesn't want jewels and money?

Winner of...: Best Cinematic Performance. Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992's Batman Returns cemented Catwoman as one of the most desirable comic ladies of all time. The costume, the bad ass attitude and the shivering "meow" does it for me.

Who She's Wearing:  Gucci/Versace/Hervé Léger. Selina's an urban girl in every sense of the word. Even with a burglar background, Selina is anything but discreet, until it's necessary. She likes gold, big jewels, lamè and decadence. If it makes a statement, she loves it.

Pop Culture Obsession: Selina's a pretty cat-friendly girl and would never find humor in her beloved pets. But how could she resist Grumpy Cat? (She even has the Grumpy Cat weather app for her iPhone.)

Emma Frost/The White Queen

The "It" Factor: Emma comes from a life a decadence, class and luxury, by means of her family's "old money." With telepathy and a mutant ability to transform her skin into diamond, Emma took an early path to villianhood by becoming The White Queen of the mutant Illuminati order, The Hellfire Club. After a series of run-ins with the X-Men, she finally saw reason and joined them, replacing the late psychic Jean Grey as a heavy-hitter telepath.

Winner of...: Best One Liners. Proof? Jean Grey: "What makes you such a bitch, Emma?" Emma Frost: "Breeding, darling. Top class breeding."

Who She's Wearing: Marchesa/Isabel Marant/Chanel. Coming from old money — and having skin made from diamonds — makes decadence a clearly defined wardrobe trait. She's the "It" Girl who will walk around the X-mansion in an Marchesa dress and Louboutin Bianca pumps, simply because she feels like it. And accessories? No need, when your skin is the biggest rock any girl could want.

Pop Culture Obsession: Being a telepath means getting the 411 all the time, so there's no greater intrigue than MTV's Catfish. But, obviously, Emma could spot a Catfish 400 miles away.

You can visit Aaron, AKA The Ralphnerd, at When he's not obsessing over geek culture, he likely has his nose in a book, his hands on the coolest new menswear piece or is his booty shaking on the dance floor.
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