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Happy Movember! Celebrate With a Facial Hair Appreciation Post

Sunday, November 10, 2013
November marks a very special time — a time when men keep their razors in storage and sprout facial hair (in particular, a moustache) in support of men's health for Movember

Aside from the fact that I've recently realized I totally have a thing for guys with facial hair, I thought this would be the perfect time to express my appreciation for the "It" Guys of the world when they've sported a little scruff.

Have a seat (you'll need it, in order to handle this hotness), sit back and enjoy the moustaches of all shapes and sizes below.

Ah, Jon Hamm. He's dreamy as Don Draper, and just as sexy as Jon Hamm. The facial hair he modeled at the 2013 Emmys really just made me me want to roll around in it.

If you look up Chris Hemsworth  in the dictionary, it says, "Fine piece of man." And that scruff really brings out those baby blues. He can lay the hammer down anytime. (What? I'm talking about Thor.)

Here we have Chris' brother, Liam Hemsworth, who frequently rocks a bit of a 'stache.

I couldn't resist capturing the Hot Hemsworths together. So scruffy. So seductive (by simply standing there).

My other favorite Liam, Liam Payne, has had one of the biggest transformations in One Direction. As he grows into his own, he has been seriously sexy with a moustache and beard. (He's 20, it's fine.)

Michael B. Jordan is rarely seen facial hair-less, and is always smoking hot.

Kit Harington is one of my favorite parts of Game of Thrones. Jon Snow may know nothing, but I know something: Kit is hot.

Kit's doppelganger Christopher Abbott will be sorely missed from Girls. A big reason is because he got even cuter once he started rocking the 'stache.

Oh, Fassy

Need I say more about Lenny Kravitz? Nope, I needn't.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn't often skip shaving, but when he does, we get this fine result. And I mean fiiine.

When he's not making us laugh, James Franco is just being hot and sometimes moustache-y.

Tom Hiddleston: amazing actor, amazing facial hair.

Stephen Amell shot a Green Arrow through my heart.

Taye Diggs is so attractive, he could even pull off a handlebar.

You're like a fine wine, John Stamos.

I am sure this list could go on forever. Who is your favorite moustache'd man?

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