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Tiny Prints Imagines Celeb Stockings and It's Awesome

Thursday, December 18, 2014
Take a moment from your holiday hustle and bustle and wonder with me: what is Ryan Gosling getting in his stocking this year? This may or may not (read: may) be a legitimate thought that has crossed my mind. After all, buying for the It Girl is easy. Our favorite stars are a little more complex.

If you aren't familiar, Tiny Prints is a super-sweet website that offers custom designed, printable goods, from stationery to iPhone cases. Everything is curated from designs created exclusively for them by the industry's top artists, which makes them that much cooler.

The fine folks at Tiny Prints got creative and imagined what some celebs should get in their stockings this year. I think they did a great job; but, true to form, I have to add just one thing to each. 

+ from me: An engagement ring, obviously.

+ from me: A coupon to take the day off from hanging with Taylor Swift and hang out with me instead.

+ from me: A handwritten thank you card for being so dope / holding my hand for a moment during the N*E*R*D concert in 2004. (True story.)

+ from me: The only thing I could really think Kim needs is a North prayer candle.


Check out all of their celeb stockings here, and if you're interested in a custom stocking, they make those too!

The "It" Girl's Holiday Gift Guide

Thursday, December 11, 2014
An "It" Girl knows giving is better than getting, but sometimes buying for the "It" Girl can seem like a daunting task. Don't fret, my pets: I did the heavy lifting for you, with some options for an array of your companions. "It" Girl tested, "It" Girl approved...and all under $40.

Let's get to giving!

For Your...Girl Who Secretly Loves "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"

Call it hate-watching, a guilty pleasure or "Kardashishame" (yeah, I just made that one up),  there is something about KUWTK that makes us feel so great and so terrible at the same time. I think we all know that one person — or we are that person— who turns on E! to see what drama is shaking out.

The breakout star of the clan probably gets the least amount of air time: Kylie. I think we all paid a little more attention to Kyles this year as she flaunted some major style and even more major lips. Lips that made their way on every beauty list as an ultra-coveted trend.

via Instagram/ @KylieJenner

One of my favorite lipstick brands is Gerard Cosmetics. I recently purchased their "1995" shade when I learned one of my favorite beauty gurus Jaclyn Hill created it after being inspired by the grunge era / Ms. Kylie Jenner. And let me tell you: it is a-maz-ing, and my new favorite go-to color. In addition to the "1995" shade, Gerard recently launched five other new shades to tickle anyone's fancy. Like "1995" they are matte but oh-so-smooth and long-wearing. ($19 each,

Get inspired by the neutral nudes of the '90s with this brown nude with rose tones

Cherry Cordial
Vampy and rich with a berry undertone

Fire Engine
A take on glamorous Hollywood lipstick that really turns up the heat; a true matte red

Buttery, full coverage and a stunning neutral hue that can be mixed with any lip color to create the perfect lip color

All Dolled Up
Feminine and flirtatious, this pretty in pink lipstick is a pigmented and playful

Tequila Sunrise
A fresh and fun peachy coral lipstick that is ultra pigmented and long-wearing

What good is a beautiful lipstick color, though, if your lips are dry and flaky? #nothanks.

Carmex Moisture Plus to the rescue! Pair these babies with the Gerard colors of your choosing and your girl will have the most enviable lips in the land. (Don't's okay if you buy a set for yourself, too.) These super cute lip balms have ultra-hydrating Carmex Moisture Plus technology for a supreme moisture experience. Aloe and vitamin E protect lips from the damage that can occur during the cold winter months, and I can vouch for it: I've been using them for the past two weeks and noticed my lips are so much softer, which makes putting on lipstick that much easier. ($2.99, + be sure to check out their Facebook!)

These patterns are the cutest.

For Your...Blake Liveliest Friend

Facts are facts: Blake Lively is an insane beauty. From pregnancy to premieres, she always shuts it down. Not only is she stunning and stylish, I am fairly certain there are 100,000 Pinterest boards dedicated to her perfect hair. (Rough estimate, don't quote me.)

For your girlfriend who has her own Pinterest board dedicated to Blake's beauty, the Fat Hair collection featuring the brand's Advanced Repair Formula is the perfect gift to transform any look to party ready, glam hair. ($6.99 each,

Fat Hair Advanced Repair Formula Amplifying Blow-Dry SprayNo build-up, stickiness or flaking here. This spray helps prevent dehydration, maintains moisture balance and seal in style.

Fat Hair Advanced Repair Formula Amplifying Leave-In Conditioner & StylerIncludes Taurine to help repair damage and add volume; avocado for moisture and shine; and Inositol for smoothness and elasticity.

Fat Hair Advanced Repair Formula Amplifying Hair Spray

Exclusive Amplifying Complex adds strength, body and texture, without build up, residue, stickiness or flaking.

For Your...Nostalgic Pal

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like a great graphic sweater or sweatshirt. Give your '80s-fanatic friend the gift of style by taking his/her ugly sweater game up a notch with's "faux Christmas sweaters." Styles feature iconic faves like Jem and the Holograms and the Gremlins. I mean, does it get better than that? It just might - a couple of my faves are below! ($35 each,

Good tidings we bring from Etheria.

A great holiday, you will have.

For Your...Giving Comrade

Generosity is one of the most exquisite traits. And, sometimes, it comes in the form of affirmations. Take a moment this season to give someone you care for the Emergency Compliment book: 60 unique, off-beat compliments they can flip through to receive a few smiles of their own, with kudos such as: "Your hair looks great today. It also looked really good two days ago." And, since this person is so giving, it is possible they might just give you one back. ($12.99,

I never suspected it...but damn, it feels good to know this.

For Your...Social Media Obsessed Partner in Crime

You know the one: always scrolling through Twitter, adding hashtags to her selfies to get more "like"s and pinning in the wee hours of the morning. Feed into her obsession with the 8,000 Likes Cropped Tee ($12.90, and Like Button Pillow ($25,

The most likes I've ever received is maybe 0.5% of that.

Let the "like"s keep you cozy.

For Your...Baddest Bitch

Let's be honest, we are all really just trying to be Baddie Winkle. Give the baddest bae in your world a duo of boss accessories: a dazzling ear cuff ($18, and On Fleek beanie ($24,

Ear cuffs are effortlessly cool.

Aaron and I already ordered ours so we can all match Rihanna.

Disclosure: Gerard Cosmetics, Carmex and were generous enough to provide samples of their products for my honest review. All opinions are solely my own.

The Lazy Girl's Guide to a Fashionable Thanksgiving

Monday, November 24, 2014
Thanksgiving is truly a great holiday. I enjoy announcing aloud things I am thankful for (#blessed). I love the game of Scattergories my family partakes in after dinner. I'm also a fan of food. 

The thing is, Thanksgiving always presents a fashion conundrum: part of me wants to look chic and so put together that my cousins are in awe of my "city girl fashions" and my aunt is semi-perplexed by what I am wearing. But a larger part of me (no pun intended) knows I am a fan of food, and will be eating, eating and eating. 

Sound familiar? Fear not. I've compiled some of my favorite chic-but-comfortable, relaxed-but-deliberate fashion picks. Disclaimer: no shade to Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, but sweatpants are not a sign of defeat — it's all in how you style them, baby.

The Centerpiece: Leather sweatpants.
Why? Because leather belongs everywhere. And it's an easy way to differentiate from your "sleeping sweatpants."
Pair With These Sides: A sassy sweatshirt and not-so-basic black pumps.


The Centerpiece: Harem sweatpants.
Why? We aren't talking MC Hammer here. But a little drop-crotch pant can make a big statement and add dimension to an otherwise frumpy pair of sweats.
Pair With These Sides: Sparkles and booties.



The Centerpiece: The standard sweatpants.
Why? Because you're going to be really glad you're wearing them after that second plate.
Pair With These Sides: Fur (faux, natch) and a pump adorned with lace-up details.



5 Reasons You Need to Watch Mockingjay - Part 1 Now

Sunday, November 23, 2014
Confession: I skipped the Harry Potter bandwagon (I KNOW, I know) and Twilight any/everything (no regrets there). But one YA series that does particularly tickle my fancy is The Hunger Games. It moves me. It inspires me. It makes me feel things. And, let's be honest, it's easy to love a story centered around a bad ass girl with a braid who demonstrates strength both within herself and for others. She's a heroine sans superpowers.

The third installment of the movie franchise, Mockingjay - Part 1 (released November 21) is undeniably not a standalone film. It is, essentially, an opening act for Mockingjay - Part 2. However, it is well done and definitely worth the trip to the theater.

The main reason you should see it is because I am telling you to. Ugh, you want specifics? Fine. This spoiler-free breakdown should do the trick.

1. Julianne Moore (and her amazing grey hair)

Julianne Moore is one of those actresses that just gives me warm fuzzies. It doesn't matter what she is doing, it's inevitable that I will love it. In Mockingjay, Ms. Moore takes on the role of District 13's  President Alma Coin, the leader of the rebellion against the Capitol. Her execution is flawless, compelling and, I mean...that hair is #onfleek.

2. A new side of Peeta.

In the spirit of keeping this spoiler-free, all I will say is this: Peeta is a just a smidge different than the last you saw of him in Catching Fire. And boy, is it a roller coaster to watch. Some of the most gasp-worthy, dynamic scenes include the formerly soft-spoken Peeta.

3. Katniss' sleek suit.

The evolution of Katniss' suits have been so fun to watch. This creation by Cinna (real wardrobe designers Kurt and Bart) truly is a stunner. Inspired by combat fatigues, the duo combined mobile, tactical fabrics to give Katniss "rigid yet flexible" movement. The asymmetrical breastplates on the suit were inspired by those worn during Kyudo, the Japanese martial art form of archery.

4. Jennifer Lawrence, generally.

Oh, it's not enough to just say J. Law is in the movie? Although that is reason enough for me. Jen knocks it out of the park in the movie, bringing to life the depth of Katniss' emotional layers of trauma, depression and anger. Personally, I found the first part of the Mockingjay book a bit difficult to get through, but watching it come to life via Jen's commitment to the character was a rewarding experience. Plus, you get to hear her sing "The Hanging Tree," which was haunting and beautiful.

5. Effie.

One big change from the book to the screen is the inclusion of Effie Trinket in District 13. I was skeptical, but soon convinced this change a perfect decision. To see Effie stripped of her eccentric wardrobe and superficial notions to feel empathy and be a part of the revolution was a smart move. And Effie was not without her signature shade various times throughout: "You know what needs a revolution? That hair."

My one complaint: we have to wait another year for Part 2. How will I make it through? What are your hopes for the grand finale?

Sophie Simmons x The Style Club

Sunday, October 26, 2014
Growing up, I heard a lot of hair bands. (Thanks, ma.) Thus, of course I understand that Sophie Simmons is rock royalty, being the daughter of KISS bassist Gene Simmons. 

But you know what's even more dope than being the daughter of a legend? Promoting positive body image. 

In an effort to make any woman feel confident in the clothing she wears, Sophie designed a 20 piece collection exclusively with The Style Club. Each piece is named after an inspiring, influential woman, from Michelle Obama to Gwen Stefani and Malala Yousafzai.

“I’m extremely passionate about body image and want to be an advocate and role model to other young women to encourage them to embrace who they are and what makes them unique,” said Sophie. “My collection is designed to inspire women of different shapes and sizes to take risks when dressing but still feel confident.”

Bonus: the line is affordably priced, ranging from $25-$115.

Check out some of my favorite pieces below, and visit to see more and purchase.

The ‘Michelle’ Midi, $45 

The "Gwen" Sweater, $65

The "Folorunso" Shorts, $50

The "Jane" Cardigan, $65 and "Malala" Mini, $60

Emojis That Should Exist: An "It" Girl's Perspective

Saturday, June 7, 2014
As much as we may try to deny it, a few minutes without our iPhones, and panic seems to ensue.

Did I miss a text?
Has Chrissy Teigen uploaded a new Instagram pic?
I should've taken a picture of the adorable shih tzu that just passed by...

These gadgets have become the nucleus of all social media activity, our maps and very important resources - like, Siri hooks us up if we forgot what time Game of Thrones airs, and then ensures our DVR is set if we won't be home. Because of the constant phone activity, emojis have become a part of our lexicon.

These "picture letters," as the translation would read, provide a number of values: emoji charades, virtual song lyrics and an added spark of sass in general texts.

While I have some favorites (namely, the unimpressed emoji), there are several which seemingly have no purpose. Those in the last tab? Who ever uses them? 

I also have some thoughts about some key players missing.


It's mind-boggling there is a pizza, a shrimp, a drumstick and even flan, but no taco representation. What about Taco Tuesdays? Or Taco Bell runs? We can do better.

Shot Glasses

My best friend and I are two of the rare souls who dislike both wine and beer (unless it's a fruity, non-beer-tasting beer, but then we're side-eyed, anyway). While the martini emoji is cute and all, why are there no shot glasses? Shots are imperative in many scenarios, especially at the end of a long week.

"W" Hand Gesture

Y'all already know Clueless has impacted my life beyond belief. The beauty of the movie is that even though it is so very '90s, it still translates nearly 20 years later. A friend giving you too much about the date you went on last night? Insert the emoji of a pair of hands giving a big, fat "W." She'll get the picture.


If you're anything like me, Netflix is a big part of your routine...maybe as much so as showering or charging your phone at the end of the day. Netflixing has become the norm, and sometimes it is so much more appealing to pop open Netflix and give your couch a friendly hug than deal with bar crowds. Recognizing this, Netflix deserves a spot in the emoji line-up.

Kim Kardashian Crying

The pre-existing crying emojis don't really capture the pain a crying Kim would. Also, it's hilarious.


I've debated on whether or not this actually exists already, but I strongly feel the emoji in question is a regular ol' slice of cake. The rationale the greatest dessert on the planet isn't fairly represented? I'd like to know. 


Now, let me be clear: a Batman-inspired emoji would merely be a representation of superheroes in general. The power comic books have on pop culture is undeniable; thus, it's completely necessary to incorporate at least this small gesture as part of the emoji portfolio.


For the laziest of days. And because sloths are amazing.

Kanye Shrug

A legendary piece of pop culture. Also relevant for when you're #sorrynotsorry.


The salsa dancer and dancing twins (which I always thought were devils but recently realized are wearing headbands with bows) are lovely, we need to modernize the dance. How this would actually come to be, I will leave to the experts - but I'm quite sure this emoji would get a lot of play.

Any additions? Tell me in the comments!

Full disclosure: I am aware it's been about two eons since I last posted, and there's no good rationale other than general busyness. Thanks for bearing with me, and stay tuned for more to come!