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Emojis That Should Exist: An "It" Girl's Perspective

Saturday, June 7, 2014
As much as we may try to deny it, a few minutes without our iPhones, and panic seems to ensue.

Did I miss a text?
Has Chrissy Teigen uploaded a new Instagram pic?
I should've taken a picture of the adorable shih tzu that just passed by...

These gadgets have become the nucleus of all social media activity, our maps and very important resources - like, Siri hooks us up if we forgot what time Game of Thrones airs, and then ensures our DVR is set if we won't be home. Because of the constant phone activity, emojis have become a part of our lexicon.

These "picture letters," as the translation would read, provide a number of values: emoji charades, virtual song lyrics and an added spark of sass in general texts.

While I have some favorites (namely, the unimpressed emoji), there are several which seemingly have no purpose. Those in the last tab? Who ever uses them? 

I also have some thoughts about some key players missing.


It's mind-boggling there is a pizza, a shrimp, a drumstick and even flan, but no taco representation. What about Taco Tuesdays? Or Taco Bell runs? We can do better.

Shot Glasses

My best friend and I are two of the rare souls who dislike both wine and beer (unless it's a fruity, non-beer-tasting beer, but then we're side-eyed, anyway). While the martini emoji is cute and all, why are there no shot glasses? Shots are imperative in many scenarios, especially at the end of a long week.

"W" Hand Gesture

Y'all already know Clueless has impacted my life beyond belief. The beauty of the movie is that even though it is so very '90s, it still translates nearly 20 years later. A friend giving you too much about the date you went on last night? Insert the emoji of a pair of hands giving a big, fat "W." She'll get the picture.


If you're anything like me, Netflix is a big part of your routine...maybe as much so as showering or charging your phone at the end of the day. Netflixing has become the norm, and sometimes it is so much more appealing to pop open Netflix and give your couch a friendly hug than deal with bar crowds. Recognizing this, Netflix deserves a spot in the emoji line-up.

Kim Kardashian Crying

The pre-existing crying emojis don't really capture the pain a crying Kim would. Also, it's hilarious.


I've debated on whether or not this actually exists already, but I strongly feel the emoji in question is a regular ol' slice of cake. The rationale the greatest dessert on the planet isn't fairly represented? I'd like to know. 


Now, let me be clear: a Batman-inspired emoji would merely be a representation of superheroes in general. The power comic books have on pop culture is undeniable; thus, it's completely necessary to incorporate at least this small gesture as part of the emoji portfolio.


For the laziest of days. And because sloths are amazing.

Kanye Shrug

A legendary piece of pop culture. Also relevant for when you're #sorrynotsorry.


The salsa dancer and dancing twins (which I always thought were devils but recently realized are wearing headbands with bows) are lovely, we need to modernize the dance. How this would actually come to be, I will leave to the experts - but I'm quite sure this emoji would get a lot of play.

Any additions? Tell me in the comments!

Full disclosure: I am aware it's been about two eons since I last posted, and there's no good rationale other than general busyness. Thanks for bearing with me, and stay tuned for more to come!