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Oreo Goes Pop

Saturday, July 11, 2015
This week, I discovered iconic, tasty AF cookie brand Oreo is launching Oreo Thins. Though word on the interwebs is that they taste just as delightful with less guilt (read: calories), my skeptical side is showing.

You've been good to me, Oreo. You have a rockstar social media team, created the blessed flavor that is Birthday Cake and all-around, seem like good people. Cut the crap, Oreo — don't cut the creme.

Don't worry, I've brainstormed a few alternatives you can try. You're welcome in advance.

Beverly Hills Bubblegum

An ode to Clueless, this flavor tastes like Bronson Alcott High with a dash of a stick of Carefree gum. Bonus: it comes with a fluffy pen.

Ariana's Donut Surprise

Can you really blame Ariana Grande's affinity for donuts? Sure, she licked donuts that were meant for people to buy. But really, those donuts should have been covered up to begin with (#justsaying). and shouldn't we be worried about bigger issues, like crime, murder and Taylor Swift? It's okay, Ari. These Oreo cookies are packed with the flavor of frosted chocolate donuts - sprinkles included. You may lick them all you wish.

Love Wins

It's only right to create an Oreo in celebration of last month's SCOTUS verdict. The creme, shaped like a heart, filled with edible glitter. Sickening, no?


A special showcase of emojis that are misunderstood but well-loved anyway. We all know the girl with her hand up is sassy, not an information desk person; the girls in black with ears are dancing, not the Japanese equivalent of Playboy Bunnies and the alleged "high fives" are absolutely praying hands.

Orange is the New Oreo

Black cookie and orange creme? Old news. Orange truly is the new black, as evident by the addictive Netflix series. Let's flip the script and get an orange cookie with black creme.

Drake: Buff Edition

While everyone was making fun of Drake for being emo, he was busy pumping iron. Touché, Drizzy. To commemorate, this Oreo would take the Double Stuf concept to a new level. Packaged in a cookie dough wrapper, the Oreo is 95% creme, bookended by two cookies. 
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