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Trust Fund Beauty: Your Newest Nail Addiction

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
In middle school, I mixed my own nail polish. Things that were lacking during this time: a scientific lens and poor ventilation. (Shout-out to Mom for instructing me to crack the windows.) While it was a flop-tacular experiment, I remember feeling so inspired by the seemingly limitless colors, finishes and packaging. It was then I uncovered my first beauty love in nail polish.

Currently, I'm a girl who has anxiety over chipped polish and spends more hours per week than I should admit daydreaming about what my next nail look will be. While a couple of truly great polish brands exist, it's rare you find one that really hits the nail on the head in every sense.

But girl, trust. I've found it. Say hello to Trust Fund Beauty. I stumbled across their Instagram page and between gasping over the gorgeous colors and laughing at the so-damn-true memes, I felt like I uncovered my nail varnish kindred spirit. It was like finding a great brand and a new friend.

Here's a quick snapshot of all of the YAS-es this brand boasts:

•  They are proudly 7-free. That means no: parabens, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, xylene, camphor, formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin.
•  Read: TFB is non-toxic.
•  Are they cruelty-free? Yep, they sure are.
•  Currently, they offer 45+ highly-pigmented, unique colors.
•  What's in a name? Everything with TFB. Each shade is paired with a cheeky, pop culture-inspired moniker, like "$12 Latte" and "I Wore It Better."

The first shades I purchased, L to R: Rich Girl Wasted, I Can't Even, Bitch Please, Classic Cash & Resting Bitch Face

It all ties back to founder Samara Granofsky's vision to "bring out the rich bitch in everyone." Also a self-proclaimed polish addict, Samara understands the desire for killer colors and unique flair. She was kind enough to give me a few minutes of her time to chat, and our interview taught me that TFB is, legitimately, a reflection of her naturally-hilarious, spunky nature. Check it out!

What was your first TFB shade and what is the story behind it?
"Do You Know Who My Father Is?" I thought the name represented our brand and the colour is a classic pink.

In your eyes, how is TFB different from other nail polish brands?
We are 7-free and have developed a brand personality. I just think we push the boundaries a bit and have a cohesive brand identity. 

Tell me a little about your creative vision for TFB.
Everyone thinks it is super fun and easy naming polish colours. You can always come up with a handful of good ones, but then it gets harder. I get my inspiration from my life and friends and even some of our customers... We are also expanding into other beauty products!

Where do you get your inspiration for new colors?
I will always have "season appropriate" colours, but then I will throw in a curve ball with some of the shades. Like "Bye Felicia" that is an electric purple for fall. 

Tell me about your process for managing the TFB Instagram — which is literally the best account!
I just post what I feel like - lol. No method to the madness. It gives an insight of who I am and why the brand looks like it does. 

Any mani tips my readers may not know?
It is not a tip that they wouldn't know, but MAKE SURE YOUR CUTICLES ARE DONE! (Editor's note: GOOD LORD, YAS.)

What is your #1 overall beauty tip?

And, finally: who are your favorite "It" Girls right now?
I honestly do not have one. Besides my English bulldog, Molly. She is the baddest bitch I know.

Have you tried TFB yet? Let me know what your favorite shade is!