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Beauty Meets 2015's Biggest Pop Culture Moments

Tuesday, December 29, 2015
2016 is almost here. I'm pretty much feeling like this about it:

Nevertheless, I fully intend to enter the new year quite content with how 2015 went down and hopeful for what's to come in 2016: personally, professionally and in pop culture. I don't believe in resolutions, but I do believe in reflections. Pop culture had so many outrageous, fun and memorable moments  this year, and I was inspired to pair up a few key moments with some of my favorite beauty items.  Why beauty? Because becoming VIB Rouge this year was definitely a personal highlight/crazy moment of self-acceptance knowing how much money I spend at Sephora...

Zayn Gave Us a Reason to Whip out the Waterproof Mascara
Betrayed. Concerned. SAD. Man, I don't care if I'm 30 years old. I was all up in my feelings when it was announced Zayn was giving 1D the deuces. How would the gang go on? How would we go on? Sigh. After a pretty stellar release of Made in the AM, it seems the foursome is currently on "hiatus," promising not to be gone forever. We'll need an even stronger mascara if that is the case.

Beauty Counterpart:
Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula

In addition to lengthening lashes, this mascara boasts staying power, even through "rain, sweat, humidity & tears." Perfect.     

"The Dress" Escentually Tore Us Apart
When I heard about "The Dress," I started laughing. I mean, it was very clearly black and blue. Right? When the majority of the people I knew IRL hissed it was actually white and gold and that we could no longer have a conversation if I didn't think otherwise, I knew our world was in the process of a meltdown. Now the actual dress is a distant memory, but we can always remember the object that tore apart friends, families and distant acquaintances on the internet.

Beauty Counterparts:
Team #BlueAndBlack, this one's for you:
Giorgio Armani Armani Code Pour Femme

And for the #WhiteAndGold believers...I've got you, too. (Even if I still don't agree with you.)
Elizabeth and James Nirvana White

Drizzy Took Over our Ears, Lips, etc.
What a time to be alive and a Drake fan. Most would say 2015 goes to Adele, and numbers-wise, sure. But we've got to give the clap & the prayer emoji to Drizzy. He got buff. He headlined several major music festivals. He released two albums, If You're Reading This It's Too Late and What a Time to be Alive with Future. Let's not forget the singles, including the ubiquitous "Hotline Bling" and two diss tracks specifically crafted for Meek Mill — one of which is nominated for a 2016 Grammy (!) Tom Ford even named a now sold-out Lipstick from his Lips & Boys collection after Aubs. It'd be too obvious to call out that lipstick as our beauty counterpart, so I think it's all in the foundation: skincare.

Here's your "Started wearing less and going out more" starter pack.

Beauty Counterparts:

For the face:
When 10:00 PM Sheet Mask

Refresh and hydrate with this mask before you hit the clurb.

For the décolleté:
Moroccanoil Body Buff

Rejuvenate that chest so you can feel your best.

DJ Khaled Nailed It 
One of the more positive things to come out of 2015 besides #LoveWins and Cookie Lyon was, surprisingly to all of us, DJ Khaled. He inspired. He motivated. He told us what to eat for breakfast. He warned us about "they" and I can truly say I've never felt more blessed up than when I watch his Snap story. His effervescence and Snapchat-savvy even scored him a New York Times profile. Major       .

Beauty Counterpart:

butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in All Hail The Queen

What better way than to ride to success than with glittering gold nails?

The Force Awakens our Dark Side
So many things to love about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (Shout to Rey and BB-8.) For both newbz and die-hards alike, this blockbuster has been a topic of conversation, and for good reason. For those, like me, who were digging Adam Driver's performance and feel a weird sense of connection with the Dark Side, check out my picks for perhaps my favorite beauty trend of the year.

Beauty Counterparts:
Dark lips for days.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in Blackmail

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in 100% Vamp

ColourPop Lippie Stix in Bull Chic