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Happy Birthday, Rihanna! How About Some Cake-Cake-Cake?

Saturday, February 20, 2016
Rihanna has done really dope things in her 28 years. Things like:

• Becoming the youngest and fastest solo artist to earn 13 number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
• Winning eight Grammys.
• Representing Dior as the brand's first black woman.
• Causing a social media frenzy with the most-Tweeted about collection during NYFW Fall 2016 with her Fenty for Puma show. (Sorry, Kanye.)

That's a lot for someone under the age of 30. Let's not forget she also recently released ANTI, will likely see her Fenty Trainers sell out quickly and a world tour is on the horizon. Bad Gal Riri is flexing her global domination more than ever right now. 

Fun fact about me: I don't cook, bake or get anywhere near an oven. But it is Rihanna's birthday, after all, so I did the next best thing: imagine what cakes I would bake her could look like.

Because it's actually her birthday.

One to plug her new record...

Spotlighting one of my favorite lyrics from ANTI and also reminding her she's a bad bitch...

One to emphasize her impact...

...or maybe simply one to give her props for her sense of style and her sense of shade.

Happy birthday, Rihanna. I hope I see a cosmetics line with your name on it by your 29th birthday. xoxo

1 comment on "Happy Birthday, Rihanna! How About Some Cake-Cake-Cake?"
  1. Happy Birthday, Rihanna!! May God bless you with more of his blessings..May you become more famous and successful.Thank you very much for sharing.Keep posting.