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4 Low Maintenance Spring Trends to Try Instead of Contouring

Sunday, April 17, 2016
Contouring has jumped the shark.

What was once reserved for fashion shoots and special occasions became the centerpiece of every beauty article and tutorial. Shelf space in beauty retailers and drug stores alike were inundated with bronzers and complementary highlighters of cream, liquid and powder forms. Now, Instagram is flooded with contouring more than the face, showcasing tricks for contouring ears, the chest and even legs.

Today, I say no more. I'm tired of seeing so much shadow and so much highlight. It's intense. And it's too much work, tbh.

If contouring is your favorite beauty look, I encourage you to do you. Contour until you can't blend anymore. But if you're looking for something new to try, walk with me on the path to other options can enhance your look even more than a 10-step contour process.

Color Correct

Spring sprung and this trend bloomed with it. Chances are, you've seen creams  in green, purple and other unconventional shades floating around your favorite beauty store. Why? Color correcting in spot treatment form can help cancel complexion concerns and help you be your most flawless self.

First, know what does what. Sephora has an in-depth section of the website with information, including a Color Correcting Crash Course.

Overall, a few basics to know:

• Green counteracts red. Think zits.
• Yellow is another red-fighter that can add radiance to medium tones.
• Lavender counteracts yellow tones, like sallow patches; it is also suitable for tan/olive skin tones to cancel any purple-blue under eye circles.
• Peach is a total peach that counteracts blue tones such as dark under-eye circles on fair-to-light skin tones.

There are affordable options that can help you experiment with this trend without breaking the bank, but also a couple of high-end options if you are really feeling this technique. A couple of my favorites include the NYX Color Correcting Palette ($12, and the CoverFX Correct Clicks (6 shades, $18 each,

One other tip: Use a setting spray with your regular concealer on top  of your color correctors of choice to keep the hues from overpowering your skin.

Dewy Skin

Strobing is another one of those highly-buzzed about trends all over Instagram. It's also one that is a little played out.

Want a luminous glow without going overboard? Try these tips:

• It all starts with skincare. Take care of your skin consistently by staying hydrated, getting plenty of rest and exfoliating a couple of times per week. Figure out a skincare routine that works best for you and no matter what, take off your makeup before bed.
• For a more natural highlight, mix a couple of drops of liquid highlighter with your foundation for an all-over glow. I'm excited to try Elcie Cosmetics' The Glow Enhancer, which launches April 19.
• The tone of your highlighter depends on your skin tone: fair skin tones should go for pearl-toned shades, while warm skin tones can look to gold options. Stick to what works best for your skin tone, not what you saw someone else use.
• Be sure to mattify any areas you are not trying to highlight to better help the glow show.

Wear Sunscreen

Doing this already? Keep it up.

Only touch SPF when you're at the beach? Break that habit right this second.

Don't use your skin type as a reason not to include sunscreen in your regimen. There are so many formulations available to find one that works for you. Just do it. This is one "trend" that should stick around forever-ever.

Try A New Lip Color

Take a quick mental (or better yet, actual) inventory of your lip product stash. Chances are, you have multiple products that fall in the same color family. Or, if you're like me, exact dupes among several brands. I really needed those six shades of brick red, okay?

It's easy to have a go-to color that gives you confidence, but try to venture outside your norm and stock up on a new color. Especially as the seasons are changing, it's the perfect time to swipe on a bold color you wouldn't ordinarily choose. If you're already stocked on bold lip colors, try a new shade or even a neutral that you wouldn't typically wear.


The Sephora to Go app allows you to virtually try on a wide range of lip products with the Sephora Virtual Artist feature. You can even compare shades or filter by brands or your individual Color IQ number. Try something new and you'll be surprised with the surge of "bad bitch" you feel.
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  1. I am a makeup lover and really love reading all your blogs. These tips and tricks were really helpful for me as I don’t know how to contour. Thanks a lot